Tier 3Edit

HeadMaalus ImbuedThe Palace of Roehn Theer
ShouldersWaansuPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
ChestRoehn Theer 4 Runes The Palace of Roehn Theer
ForearmsMandoril, Medorius and Mikla EnergizedThe Palace of Roehn Theer
Oxdaxius ReformingThe Stonebrunt Highlands
HandsArkatanthis the DestroyerPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
Klaaktuus UnboundThe Sundered Frontier
LegsToxxuliaLair of the Dragon Queen
FeetKendis and Penda UnitedThe Palace of Roehn Theer

Armor type / class relatedEdit

There are 10 "sets". Keep in mind that the naming does not show the set/tier the item belongs to in all cases :

SlotPlate OffensivePlate DefensivePlate HealerChain DPSChain HealerLeather OffensiveLeather DefensiveLeather HealerDirect MagePet Mage
HeadSavage Shadowfyre HounskullHulking Shadowfyre HounskullRevered Shadowfyre HounskullVenomous Shadowfyre CoifEnduring Spirit Shadowfyre CoifPugilist's Shadowfyre SkullcapTenacious Shadowfyre SkullcapBestial Shadowfyre SkullcapArchaic Runed Shadowfyre HoodBaleful Caller's Shadowfyre Hood
ShouldersSavage Pauldrons of Mutation Hulking Pauldrons of MutationRevered Pauldrons of MutationVenomous Spaulders of MutationEnduring Spirit Spaulders of MutationPugilist's Shoulderpads of MutationTenacious Shoulderpads of MutationBestial Shoulderpads of MutationArchaic Runed Shoulders of MutationBaleful Caller's Shoulders of Mutation
ChestSavage Breastplate of the GodslayerHulking Breastplate of the GodslayerRevered Breastplate of the GodslayerVenomous Vest of the GodslayerEnduring Spirit Vest of the GodslayerPugilist's Jerkin of the GodslayerTenacious Vest of the GodslayerBestial Vest of the GodslayerArchaic Runed Vestment of the GodslayerBaleful Caller's Vestment of the Godslayer
ForearmsSavage Vambraces of Unknown PowerHulking Vambraces of Unknown PowerRevered Vambraces of Unknown PowerVenomous Chain Sleeves of Unknown PowerEnduring Spirit Chain Sleeves of Unknown PowerPugilist's Armbands of Unknown PowerTenacious Armbands of Unknown PowerBestial Leather Sleeves of Unknown PowerArchaic Runed Cuffs of Unknown PowerBaleful Caller's Cuffs of Unknown Power
HandsSavage Gauntlets of Primal FearHulking Gauntlets of Primal FearRevered Gauntlets of Primal FearVenomous Chain Gloves of Primal FearEnduring Spirit Chain Gloves of Primal FearPugilist's Cesti of Primal FearTenacious Cesti of Primal FearBestial Mitts of Primal FearArchaic Runed Silk Gloves of Primal FearBaleful Caller's Silk Gloves of Primal Fear
LegsSavage Plate Legs of the PlagueHulking Plate Legs of the PlagueRevered Plate Legs of the PlagueVenomous Chain Legs of the PlagueEnduring Spirit Chain Legs of the PlaguePugilist's Leather Legs of the PlagueTenacious Leather Legs of the PlagueBestial Leather Legs of the PlagueArchaic Runed Pantaloons of the PlagueBaleful Caller's Pantaloons of the Plague
FeetSavage Identical SabatonsHulking Sabatons of IdentityRevered Identical Plate BootsVenomous Identical Chainlink BootsEnduring Spirit Identical Chainlink BootsPugilist's Identical Gladiator SandalsTenacious Identical Gladiator SandalsBestial Identical Travelers BootsArchaic Runed Identical Silk SlippersBaleful Caller's Identical Silk Slippers
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