Tier 2Edit

HeadMaalus ShadowfyreThe Palace of Roehn Theer
The ScavanatorPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
ShouldersQuest reward starts with Tending to Toxxicology
Chest Roehn Theer 1/2/3 runes The Palace of Roehn Theer
ForearmsPerah'CelsisPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
Hands 3 sages The Palace of Roehn Theer
LegsOxdaxiusThe Stonebrunt Highlands
Sehesh in Paineel T1 raid legs + 45 seals
FeetSehesh in Paineel T1 raid feet + 30 seals

Armor type / class relatedEdit

There are 10 "sets". Keep in mind that the naming does not show the set/tier the item belongs to in all cases :

SlotPlate OffensivePlate DefensivePlate HealerChain DPSChain HealerLeather OffensiveLeather DefensiveLeather HealerDirect MagePet Mage
HeadHelmet of Death's EmbraceSkull Barrier of the UnyieldingShroud of Faded WightsClockstrike HelmCirclet of Forgotten SpiritsRune Scraped TurbanHelmet of Grave WardingElegiac CoronetBrimstone CowlChanneling Cap of Ghost Mind
ShouldersResplendent Pauldrons of Ulteran ConquerorsGleaming Pauldrons of Ulteran ConquerorsGleaming Epaulets of Ulteran ConquerorsResplendent Shoulderguards of Ulteran ConquerorsGleaming Shawl of Ulteran ConquerorsGleaming Spaulders of Ulteran ConquerorsResplendent Spaulders of Ulteran ConquerorsResplendent Shawl of Ulteran ConquerorsResplendent Sleeves of Ulteran ConquerorsGleaming Sleeves of Ulteran Conquerors
Gleaming Shoulderguards of Ulteran Conquerors
ChestChestplate of Divine EquilibriumBreastplate of Divine EquilibriumChestguard of Divine EquilibriumHauberk of Divine EquilibriumVest of Divine EquilibriumCuirass of Divine EquilibriumCorselet of Divine EquilibriumLeather Breastplate of Divine EquilibriumDrape of Divine EquilibriumShirt of Divine Equilibrium
ForearmsForearms of Refined DestructionForeguards of Refined PowerForearms of Altered RemediesForeguards of Rigorous StrikingForearms of Worshipped WillForearms of Might and PowerForeguards of Might and MindLeather Forearms of Altered StatesCuffs of Visionary BeingCuffs of Definitive Power
HandsFists of the Foretold WarriorFlood-Weathered GauntletsGloves of Forgotten MedicineHands of the Second SplitterMitts of the Lore ScribeHail-scored Hand WrapsGauntlets of Ravaging WindsClock Spring GagesHands of Arcane DownpourGauntlets of Neverending Reach
LegsLion's HaunchesLeggings of the Lion's ManeTriune Essence BreechesEagle's Feathered GreavesLeggings of Ritual SacrificeVenomous Leggings of OxdaxiusEnameled Leggings of OxdaxiusLegendary Legguards of OxdaxiusChimeric PantaloonsLegguards of the Lower Realms
FeetStrengthened Darkfeather SabatonsPlated Darkfeather SabatonsJudged Darkfeather SabatonsBlackened Darkfeather BootsAncient Darkfeather BootsReinforced Darkfeather SandalsThreaded Darkfeather BootsTravelling Darkfeather BootsLearned Darkfeather SlippersChanneled Darkfeather Slippers
Devious Darkfeather Sabatons
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