Tier 1Edit

HeadSara GreenheartPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
ShouldersVuulanLair of the Dragon Queen
Chest Xilaxis The ExplorerPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
ForearmsWyvernlord TuluunLair of the Dragon Queen
HandsLieutenant BuldoralThe Palace of Roehn Theer
LegsAzara the SeerThe Palace of Roehn Theer
FeetErnax HeridionPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory

Armor type / class relatedEdit

There are 10 "sets". Keep in mind that the naming does not show the set/tier the item belongs to in all cases :

SlotPlate OffensivePlate DefensivePlate HealerChain DPSChain HealerLeather OffensiveLeather DefensiveLeather HealerDirect MagePet Mage
HeadHelm of Refined DestructionBarrier Barbute3Helm of Altered RemediesCoif of Rigorous StrikingCoif of Worshipped WillKanikara of Balance1Cap of Might and MindHelm of Altered StatesHood of Visionary BeingHood of Definitive Power
ShouldersVulaan's Spaulders of the HeraldPauldrons of Remembrance2Toxic General's EpauletsPoisoned Fiend ShoulderpadsRitualistic Vambraces of the HeraldWurmhide Armwraps of the MoundShoulderguards of Remembrance2Wyvernlord Hide EpauletsShoulderpads of the Black DeathHerald's Armwraps of Disdain
ChestChestplate of Refined DestructionChestplate of Refined PowerChestguard of Altered RemediesCuirass of Rigorous StrikingChainmail of Worshipped WillChestguard of Might and PowerVest of Iilsaad3Chestguard of Altered StatesRobes of Visionary BeingRobes of Duality2
ForearmsWyvern Wing BracersPutrid Bone BracersStrengthened Healing BraceToxic Brace of Relentless AssaultsRitualistic Channeling BraceGlancing WristguardGruengach Vambraces4Anti-Abomination BraceBrace of the Wyvernlord Summoning Brace of the Wyrmkind
HandsSage-guardian Gauntlets1Buldoral's Scarred GauntletsSalving Gloves of the BattlefieldGloves of the Master's PermissionVatic Hand WrapsGauntlets of the Frenzied LiegeGauntlets of Martial HeritageSuffused Gauntlets of EruditionDutiful Gloves of the BattlemageSummoner's Silk Gloves4
LegsGreaves of Recollected Vengeance4Siege GreavesParchment Leggings of the SagesElite Reconnaissance GreavesBreeches of Planar DivinationPants of Recollected Balance2Commander's Strategic LeggingsRanked Leggings of the TaxonomerRune Writ Pants of InvocationPantaloons of the Blasphemous Scholars
FeetBoots of Layered Depths2,4Boots of Refined PowerBoots of Altered RemediesBoots of Rigorous StrikingBoots of Worshipped WillSandals of Might and PowerSandals of Might and MindLeather Boots of Altered StatesSandals of Visionary BeingSkollin Seer's Slippers2


  1. Sold by Sehesh in Paineel
  2. Drop by Kendis Parmare in The Palace of Roehn Theer
  3. Drop by Iilsaad's Barrier in The Palace of Roehn Theer
  4. Drop by trash mobs in Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
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