These are the fabled armor drops from Sentinel's Fate raid x4 instances. There are 3 tiers of armor for all classes, and unlike previous expansions the armor does not form an actual set.

Item CategoriesEdit

Each armor drop in Sentinel's Fate falls into one of the following eight categories:

CategoryDesigned ForEquipable ByPrimary Stat(s)
Plate OffensivePlate FightersAll Plate ClassesSTR & STA
Plate DefensivePlate FightersAll Plate ClassesSTR & STA + defense
Plate HealerClericsAll Plate ClassesWIS
Chain DPSScoutsAll Plate & Chain ClassesAGI
Chain HealerShamansShamans & BardsWIS
Leather OffensiveBrawlersAll Chain & Leather ClassesSTR & STA
Leather DefensiveBrawlersAll Chain & Leather ClassesSTR & STA + defense
Leather HealerDruidsBrawlers & DruidsWIS
Direct MageSorcerers & EnchantersAll Leather & Cloth ClassesINT
Pet MageSummonersAll Leather & Cloth ClassesINT

Icy Keep: Retribution DropsEdit

Drop & Price Edit

This armor is dropped as follows:

Epic Token of E'ci
HeadOdaufe / Kastus15
ChestReward from quest: Knocked Out Cold30
ShouldersDebitino Coperilus15
ForearmsCaptain H'bri / Lieutenant Grauf Thundersmash15
HandsIce Maiden D'Ina15
FeetTamer Nicoli15

Tier 1 DropsEdit

Tier 1 raid armor consists of drops from the easier instanced raid targets.

Drop LocationsEdit

HeadSara GreenheartPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
ShouldersVuulanLair of the Dragon Queen
Chest Xilaxis The ExplorerPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
ForearmsWyvernlord TuluunLair of the Dragon Queen
HandsLieutenant BuldoralThe Palace of Roehn Theer
LegsAzara the SeerThe Palace of Roehn Theer
FeetErnax HeridionPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory

Item NamesEdit

Tier 2Edit

Tier 2 raid armor comes for a wide variety of sources, including some of the harder "normal mode" encounters as well as "normal mode" contested targets. T2 armor available from contested mobs can also be purchased using the Tier 1 version as well as a number of Seals.

Drop LocationsEdit

HeadMaalus ShadowfyreThe Palace of Roehn Theer
The ScavanatorPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
ShouldersQuest reward starts with Tending to Toxxicology
Chest Roehn Theer 1/2/3 runes The Palace of Roehn Theer
ForearmsPerah'CelsisPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
Hands 3 sages The Palace of Roehn Theer
LegsOxdaxiusThe Stonebrunt Highlands
Sehesh in Paineel T1 raid legs + 45 seals
FeetSehesh in Paineel T1 raid feet + 30 seals

Item NamesEdit

Tier 3Edit

Tier 3 raid armor comes from the most difficult of encounters: the "hard mode" encounters, including those of the contested epic targets.

Drop LocationsEdit

HeadMaalus ImbuedThe Palace of Roehn Theer
ShouldersWaansuPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
ChestRoehn Theer 4 Runes The Palace of Roehn Theer
ForearmsMandoril, Medorius and Mikla EnergizedThe Palace of Roehn Theer
Oxdaxius ReformingThe Stonebrunt Highlands
HandsArkatanthis the DestroyerPerah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
Klaaktuus UnboundThe Sundered Frontier
LegsToxxuliaLair of the Dragon Queen
FeetKendis and Penda UnitedThe Palace of Roehn Theer

Item NamesEdit

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