Rubicite ore
Harvest Information
From: T12 Metal Ore
Type: Rare
This rare harvest looks as if it could be used for crafting level mastercrafted items.

Harvested from: Ore Nodes
Node name: etherium mass
Zones: Plane of Magic
Used for:

  • Sage-crafted level 101-110 Mage expert spell upgrades from Advanced Sage recipes
  • Armorer-crafted level 101-110 mastercrafted chain and plate armor from Advanced Armorer recipes
  • Weaponsmith-crafted level 101-110 mastercrafted weapons and ammo from Advanced Weaponsmith recipes
  • Alchemist-crafted level 101-110 Fighter expert spell and combat art upgrades from Advanced Alchemist recipes

The Aetherscar in Plane of Magic is a good spot to harvest these.

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