Roslyn Mischeva

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Purpose Quest
Race Human
Zone see Location (Shattered Lands)


Roslyn Mischeva is an NPC that offers The Play's the Thing quest as apart of the Heroes' Festival Timeline. She is only available during the Heroes Festival. After the world event ends, this NPC despawns and will not respawn again until the next Heroes Festival.


It's far easier to hail her and take the quest near the event hubs

  • West Freeport: Near the amphitheater across from ( 59, -19, 84 ) /waypoint 59, -19, 84 (After accepting her quest, she disappears from this location)
  • Qeynos: near the The Claymore Plaza near the vicinity of ( 297, -15, -21 ) /waypoint 297, -15, -21 (After accepting her quest, she disappears from this location)

You can also hail her at the locations with the monsters that you must battle for the quest and achievements.

See the following monster pages for tips and tricks on traveling to each location:

Mischevas-tribute This article refers to events, personae, items and activities only present in-game during the annual Heroes' Festival event. Heroes' Festival comes to Norrath for a short time, generally around the beginning of November.

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