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The names of a finished product has little to do with the root that created it and, as a result, can be a little confusing. The following roots produce the following types of cloth:


Icons of Common roots

Names and Products[]

Tier Name Cloth Type
1 root Threadbare
2 Tuber Strand Burlap
3 belladonna root Canvas
4 tussah root Broadcloth
5 ashen root Rough Linen
6 succulent root Sandcloth
7 hanging root Windcloth
8 lichenclover root Damask
9 bamboo shoot ???
10 matoppie roots ???
11 leonid root ???

Tradeskill Uses[]

  • Sage - Used in all Priest & Mage Spell Scrolls (All Tiers)
  • Alchemist - Used in all Fighter Combat Art Distillations (All Tiers, except Tier 8)
  • Jeweler - Used in all Scout Runes (all Tiers) as well as to create Scarves (all Tiers) and Sashes (Tier5+)
  • Provisioner - Used in some Food & Drink recipes (All Tiers)
  • Tailor - Used in all Clothing & Cloth Armor (All Tiers)
  • Carpenter - Used in Rugs & Paintings(All Tiers)
  • Woodworkers - tertiary component in various (ie, arrows)


Icons of Rare roots

Names and Products[]

Tier Name Cloth Type
1 yarrow Sackcloth
2 sisal root Roughspun
3 dandelion fiber Ruckas
4 oak root Cloth
5 figwart root Linen
6 saguaro root Cambric
7 nimbus root Dragon's Breath
8 mantrap root Swiftcloth
9 toxnettle root ???
10 banyan root ???
11 hiven root ???

Tradeskill Uses[]

  • Tailor - Used in Mastercrafted Clothing and Cloth Armor (all Tiers)
  • Jeweler - Used in Mastercrafted Scarves (all Tiers) and Sashes (Tier 5+)
  • Carpenters - various rugs and paintings.

See Also[]

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