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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Roekillik
Zone The Sundered Frontier (Sentinel's Fate)
Location In the lower Roekillik caves, very deep within them. ( 833, -285, 3241 ) /waypoint 833, -284.5, 3241.2 Eq2map

Finding RitsyEdit

One way to access Ritsy is the jump upon a rock outcropping (once you approach the unclimbable wall on the lower level), and dismount and walk as far along the wall's ledge as you can. When you can no longer move forward without falling, equip a Featherfall cloak or the Gnomish Stilts and jump your way onto the open ledge.

Alternatively, you could zone to Sundered Frontier via the Druid Rings, and then head over to Taliah the Diviner. Once there, look over the edge of the world -- you can't see it but Ritsy's cave has a ledge below you. Equip a featherfall cloak and jump off, steering and floating your way to ( 900, -281, 3138 ) /waypoint 900, -281, 3138. Then, just make your way into the cave to meet Ritsy.

Or with a flying mount just fly down to the ledge ( 900, -281, 3138 ) /waypoint 900, -281, 3138, way, way easier than trying to jump upto the area from within the cave.

Related QuestsEdit

  1. [85] Ritsy Delivery
  2. [85] Ritsy Business
  3. [90] Ritsy Rewards (Heroic)
  4. [90] Ritsy's Lucky String (Heritage Quest)


During the quest Ritsy Rewards, you are attacked by Ritsy herself. To see her Named information, click here.

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