Jester This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Bristlebane Day celebration, which comes to Norrath each year on and around April 1st.

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Enchanted Lands more
How to Start Speak with Imenand in Enchanted Lands, just after stepping off the docks. ( 39, -1, -2 ) /waypoint 38.97, -0.50, -2.02
Preceded by:
Riddled Throughout the Land
Followed by:
Riddled Yet Again

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Faster travel:

  • Use the Ulteran Spire to travel to/from Enchanted Lands (EL) and Kylong Plains. In EL, the spire is to the east of the docks.
  • Use the Ulteran Spire to travel to/from The Commonlands.


  1. Speak with Imenand and answer a preliminary riddle. He will then give you a series of riddles to challenge you again.
    • Q: Two pairs of fae mother-daughters are eating lunch at Joleena's Restaurant. The price of a meal for each fae is 10 silver. How much did their bill total?
    • A: 30 silver.
    • Q: One falls but doesn't break. The other breaks but doesn't fall. What are they?
    • A: Night and day.
  2. Travel to Teren's Grasp in Kylong Plains and gather a snowman at ( 1934, 480, -817 ) /waypoint 1934, 480, -817.


  3. Return to Imenand.
  4. Travel to Commonlands and head northwest of the Ulteran spire to the West Nomad Camp camp to find a coffin behind the middle tent at ( 415, -48, -807 ) /waypoint 415, -47.69, -806.84.


  5. Return to Imenand.


  • At least 12g 82s 30c (at level 86)

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