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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Plane of Magic  (AA)
Journal Level 106 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Plane of Magic more
How to Start Speak to Elishuru ( -322, 71, -16 ) /waypoint -321.96, 70.99, -15.92 Eq2map in the Kandra Uplands.
part of: Planes of Prophecy Timeline
Preceded by:
Dress Code
Followed by:
Unusual Suspect
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  • You must have also started the quest Dress Code.
  • Should you have reduced your faction by working for the opposing factions you need at least +8500 faction with House Yrzu.
  • Quest obtainable at +7,000 faction with House Yrzu.


A whispering spark

"As you approach the flickering light, something begins to whisper into your mind..."

  1. Find a a whispering spark ( -451, 115, -20 ) /waypoint -450.88, 114.86, -19.73 Eq2map on a peak to the east in the Kandra Uplands and listen to its riddle.
    • First riddle by the Whispering Voice: "Look toward the gardens. Nestled in the split of Kandra's last overlook, the whisper stands in vigil."
  2. Approach the second a whispering spark ( -516, 61, 262 ) /waypoint -516.49, 61.00, 262.18 Eq2map on the hill separating the Kandra Uplands from Esoterra Gardens to listen to its riddle.
    • Second riddle by the Whispering Voice: "Down into the hills, the whisper waits. Resting under a shelter of stone, it watches the plants walk."
  3. Approach the third a whispering spark ( -596, -47, 34 ) /waypoint -595.55, -47.21, 33.80 Eq2map under a rock in the western part of the Drukyna Marsh to receive your "reward".
    • Riddle reward from the Whispering Voice: "You've found your way. We've been waiting for you. Prepare for your reward."
  4. The sparks and riddles are a trap and as a "reward" you are attacked by a group of 3 ambushing aluxobs that need to be defeated.
  5. Return to Elishuru ( -322, 71, -16 ) /waypoint -321.96, 70.99, -15.92 Eq2map in the Kandra Uplands.


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