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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Crushbone Keep  (AA)
Journal Level 28 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Crushbone Keep more
How to Start This quest is given to you by Janitor Gorreth when you complete A Sense of History
part of: Crushbone Keep Timeline
Preceded by:
A Sense of History
Followed by:
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Edicts of the Emperor location

Edicts of the Emperor in pile of books on top of bookcase

  1. Speak with Korbev the Shamed ( -6, 26, -30 ) /waypoint -6, 26, -30 in an alcove in the Hall of Tactics
  2. He insists you prove you are not a spy. Go fetch a copy of the Edicts of the Emperor ( -25, 22, 12 ) /waypoint -25.00, 22.00, 12.00 from the Emperor's Chambers!
    • The book is on top of a bookshelf in the Northeast corner of the room, which is fill to bursting with all manner of Dark Elves.
  3. Return to Korbev. You can keep the book.
  4. Take a message to a friend of his, Gelzeg ( 68, -39, -17 ) /waypoint 68.02, -39.29, -16.88, rotting in the Crushbone Jail.
  5. Go to see Janitor Gorreth ( -39, -0, -24 ) /waypoint -39.08, -0.04, -24.43 on the ground floor. He asks you to take the journal to Vargorn the Historian so that it may be copied and distributed. Vargorn is standing outside the keep on the left as you zone out to Greater Faydark.
  6. Vargorn gives you a copy of your own, for your troubles.
  7. Keep asking him if he's done till the quest updates - about 5 times or so, till he'll be finally done(no need to wait, just to keep asking him if he's done)


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