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Restored Druid Rings

Restored Druid Ring

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Feerrott (LU58)
Location South-center of the zone, near the edge ( -557, -15, 841 ) /waypoint -557, -15, 841
Discovery Location (AA) Yes

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Few know of the Amatra, but many know of the druid rings. Rings of megalithic stones holding druidic runes of nature and forming a circle. They appear in many of the greater forests of Norrath, but why here in this jungle? Some studies have placed the existence of a tiny arm or branch of the majestic Elddar Forest here within the Feerrott. That arm is called the Amatra Forest to those who believe and these are its stones.


  • The Restored Druid Ring is also known as the 'Ring of the Amatra' and formerly as the Destroyed Druid Ring before the druid rings were restored in LU58. The in-game map still displays this druid ring as 'destroyed'.
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