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Restauranteur Brizeyl Myrika

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Provisioner
Race Fae
Zone Greater Faydark (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location inside Joleena's Restaurant on the first platform up from Joleena's Restaurant Acorn Lift536, 71, 322 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI


Item Price
aerated mineral water 6c
Basic Kindling 1c
cocoa 18c
cream cheese 6c
dough 18c
Effulgent Kindling 1g 80s
Ethereal Kindling 78s
Glimmering Kindling 55c
Glowing Kindling 4c
Lambent Kindling 8s 83c
Luminous Kindling 2s 21c
milk 6c
Scintillating Kindling 12s 56c
Smoldering Kindling 50s
Sparkling Kindling 14c
sugar 6c

Level 1 - [information needed][]

Item Price
canteen of murky water 10c
chopped pecans 7c
crunchy noodles 7c
dried bread 2c
fish sticks 7c
sliced jumjum 7c
venison ribs 7c

Level [information needed] - 100[]

Item Price
assorted jungle nuts 49s 80c
canteen of purified river water 69s 79c
cheesy spaghetti 49s 80c
fresh banana 49s 80c
jungle nut bread 34s 90c
purified river water 34s 90c
rhino tri-tip 49s 80c
timorous tuna fillet 49s 80c

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Available items are filtered based on your adventuring level.