This is a list of repeatable quests in the EQ2 world.

Master Quests: Some repeatable quests lead to "Master Quests" which finish the quest line and have a special reward. Master Quests are usually reached after doing the repeatable task 30 times (3 sets of increasing difficulty by 10 times).

Rewards are mostly random and depend on the level of the quester, so 3g means you might get 2-4g or even some totally different amount. As stated, this is the approximate amount I got with a level 50-60 paladin.

So, here's the list, enjoy:

Tier 1Edit

The Forest RuinsEdit

The SprawlEdit

Tier 2Edit


The CommonlandsEdit

Tier 3Edit

The Thundering SteppesEdit

Seems to be either level capped or only repeatable for a certain number of times

Nektulos ForestEdit

Tier 4Edit

Nektropos CastleEdit

Enchanted LandsEdit



Zek, the Orcish WastesEdit

The Crypt of T'haenEdit

Tier 5Edit

The FeerrottEdit

The Temple of Cazic-ThuleEdit


    • Master Quest: None


    • Master Quest: None

Tier 6Edit

The Sinking SandsEdit

The Pillars of FlameEdit

Tier 7Edit

Tenebrous TangleEdit

  • Baskets...


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