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Rent Status Reduction (RSR) is a means of lowering the status cost on standard housing that requires upkeep (aka rent) paid from your character's status points. Many items that you can place in a house have RSR, but for simplicity, all RSR items described in this article will be referred to as furniture.

  • The larger the home with a status cost, the more status it will cost to upkeep. Items with RSR can minimize or completely eliminate status upkeep. The more RSR items a house contains, the less status upkeep you will pay.
  • Player made furniture items usually have some RSR, though non-player made items may have some as well. Once placed in house it lowers the status portion of the weekly upkeep of the house.
  • Though Guild Halls have a status cost, RSR does not reduce the cost of upkeep.
  • For tips and tricks on how to reduce RSR and a list of items see Furniture with Rent Status Reduction

Player made furniture with RSR[]

There are two types of RSR in several tiers. The types are:

  • Handcrafted, which is made from common materials
  • Mastercrafted, which is made with a mix of common and rare materials.

The amount of RSR is standardized for player made furniture in each tier. At one time, the higher the tier, the higher the RSR for common items. Starting with T11 it does not increase for common items, instead, rare items had an increase and common offer less RSR than common T9 items.

The teir of the item refers to an approximate level range (in tens) of a carpenter's ability and the recipe (skill) book the item is found in.

At one time, the tier of the materials you gathered made it easy to figure out what the RSR range might be, but starting with the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion materials and levels ranges for items used to make them shifted; you'll note that T9-T11 materials now list "for levels 90-99", level "for levels 96-100" and from "for levels 100-109" in their descriptions.

Amount of RSR
Tier Handcrafted Mastercrafted
1 20 40
2 25 60
3 30 100
4 35 300
5 55 500
6 75 700
7 100 900
8 125 1100
9 250 1300
10 300 1500
11 200 1700

Non-Player Made furniture[]

The RSR on quested items varies radically; however, furniture from quests or collections tend to increase with the level of the quest or collection.

Furniture from collections can be very valuable with and RSR that is typically in the range of a 500 point reduction.

Furniture can be purchased during World Events, seasonal events like Frostfell, during city festivals, and Moonlight Enchantments. The range of RSR is usually minimal to none in these cases.

Furniture from the city merchant typically has RSR, but the amount is very low.

Despite popular belief (and player requests), Heritage Quest trophies do not have RSR on them, nor do Lore and Legend trophies.