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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 85 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Kunzar Jungle more
How to Start Examine item a Blackened Arrow Head (Body drop from a trakaraptor)
part of: Ranger Epic Weapon Timeline
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The Untapped Power!
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  1. Start this quest by examining a blackened arrow head, which drops from trakaraptors in Kunzar Jungle.
  2. Talk to Allysha Lanne in South Qeynos located on the second floor of The Herb Jar on Lucie Street. ( 649, -13, 240 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI.
  3. Speak to Robylie Sewnadel in the Enchanted Lands in The Glittering Mine. ( -69, -2, -1088 ) Copy
  4. Recover Robylie's Triocular Magiscope from a vampire den in the Loping Plains. It is in the single room by the jail area in Castle Mistmoore. ( -250, 5, -6 ) Copy
    • You cannot be grouped in order to see the Triocular Magiscope. (Grouped with merc was ok)
    • Enter from the Catacombs, it's much easier to get to - Stealth is no good here, need a decent group.
  5. Return to Robylie Sewnadel in the Enchanted Lands in The Glittering Mine.
  6. Head to Sebilis and kill Iksar for the 25 osmotic stones. (These seem to drop 10% of the time, the area to the west of entrance froglok area works well - iksar skellies work also. Also - I did not get updates or warnings from 75th level Iksar, they had to be higher).
  7. Head to the Laboratory in Sebilis for the Reticulated Damagifier. ( -317, -22, 331 ) Copy
    • You cannot be grouped in order to see the Reticulated Damagifier. (There is enough time to collect it from stealth before room attacks. Also ok grouped with a merc)
  8. Head to Teren's Grasp and talk to Dondal Sewnadel2246, 524, -968 ) Copy for next update. (This step requires 50k faction with Teren's Grasp)
  9. Head to the Highton to speak to Robylie Sewnadel again near the Highton sokokar post.
  10. Walk along the Gash of Thelin on the Karatun Hold side of the canyon till you get an update to track a wounded animal. ( 1239, 138, -2382 ) Copy Track for a blood splattered rock ( 1164, 138, -2468 ) Copy, inspect it when you get to it. Track for a broken branch ( 974, 163, -2476 ) Copy and inspect it when you get to it. It leads you to a deer to the eastern mountain wall ( 847, 222, -2547 ) Copy. Examining the deer corpse will spawn Enraged Wumpus. He is lvl 85 ^^^ Heroic and casts knockback for 5k+ damage every so often, his KB also does a stun for about 5 secs or so in duration. Loot the chest that the Enraged Wumpus drops for a darkened arrow head. You'll have to do this for each Ranger in your group.
    • You cannot be grouped in order to see the some of these items. Merc OK
    • This is an auto update now .. all Rangers on this step will be updated.
    • No chest drops anymore... automatic update.
  11. Go to Fens of Nathsar. Start by finding a trail ( -556, -112, 1480 ) Copy, follow clues (Bloody Bones ( -755, -107, 1493 ) Copy and "a water hole" ( -755, -146, 1320 ) Copy to a froglok corpse ( -858, -120, 1240 ) Copy. Click it and an Enraged Razorfang lvl 85 ^^^ Heroic will spawn. He fears, but can be duo'd or trio'd with a Ranger or with ranged classes. This monster has about 450k to 460K HP, a duo is recommended.
    • You cannot be grouped in order to see the froglok corpse. Merc OK
  12. You need to head to Kunzar Jungle, search around the poacher camp for an auto update ( -431, 22, 21 ) Copy similar to the ones before. You need to find and examine a campfire ( -613, 19, -99 ) Copy and a horse ( -415, 23, -173 ) Copy. Investigate the tent ( -525, 43, -180 ) Copy and an Enraged Poacher spawns. This is near Hunter Snake-Eye-455, 42, -199 ) Copy.
    • You cannot be grouped in order to see the tent. Merc OK
  13. Return to Robylie Sewnadel near Highton sokokar post.
  14. Robylie Sewnadel will tell you to seek out a Ranger named Ryvenar Sal'Vara. Go to the Skleross Encampment in Jarsath Wastes. You MUST have Raincaller in your inventory as well as 50k Clan Skleross Faction to get this update. Note: you can have the Raincaller in appearance and he will talk to you. He doesn't take the bow from you so don't worry about visiting the shady swashbuckler to get it back.
  15. Ryvenar Sal'Vara will send you to find a Fungus called Delupore. Go to Chelsith and must kill the Mucus of the Deep One ( if you wait long enough for the (a murky sludge) to move apart you can prox pull Mucus) so Fulgothom the Ichorous, an 85 ^^^ will spawn when you get close. ( 323, 29, -87 ) Copy Kill Fulgothom the Ichorous and Delupore will spawn as a harvestable mushroom for your update. NOTE: a murky sludge will respawn quickly until you kill Mucous of the Deep One.
  16. Head to Kunzar Jungle to the Reet Camp, speak to Fisherman Quurp ( 480, -97, 901 ) Copy to get the other Fungus Sample (40,000 Faction with Reets is needed) and you need to speak Froak. May need to do the sub quests starting with collection A Mysterious Green Tome. The Reet faction is still 40k. You have to answer the questions very carefully, on the third question you have to answer to the lower one.
  17. Time to head to Jarsath Wastes and to Skyfire Mountains to kill Wurms for 25 Wurm meats.
    • This is a rare update -- as low as 1 in 8 kills (if not lower)... {as of 160420 1/4 kills seems to update, and all types of Wurm do update, to include Named. no Mentoring required.} Actually not, it was more like every 6-8 kills as of 180120. Updates are more common near the druid ring. All types of Wurm appear to possibly yield the update, even possibly the named Wurm Kaashanosak the Ancient.
  18. Head back to Fisherman Quurp in the Reet Camp to receive your second Fungus Sample.
  19. Talk to Ryvenar Sal'Vara back in the Skleross Camp in Jarsath Wastes. He will send you off to find an ancient map book.
  20. Inspect a Book Case ( -836, -6, -105 ) Copy in the House of Circles in Rivervale.
  21. Head to drafling tower. Inside the tower (not the instance) click the book shelf to zone into The Tower of the Drafling: Elite Bixie Hive. Once inside, clear level 85^^^ Elite Bixie Soldiers (they respawn so dont die) until you get to the last room ( -146, 82, 54 ) Copy Click bookcase to spawn Persadura level 85^^^ named (gives AA but no loot & may spawn again right after she's killed). After fight Brenlo Bixiebopper IV will run out. Hail him to get Planes of Power: A Complete History! book.
  22. "Now that I have the book of Maps, I need to locate the four missing pages. My only lead is that lost libraries had a copy of this book at one time!"(Each page is on a respawn timer about 5 minutes or more:)
    • Map page 1 - The Ruins of Varsoon (tome of life room) ( 6, 5, 72 ) Copy
    • Map page 2 - Nektropos Castle (library on table) ( -15, 14, 59 ) Copy (IMPORTANT: Must have done access quest (or group with someone who has done access quest) - The Everling Lockets Step 6. You also must gain access to the Library. I mentored to 40 to do these quests)
      • Note: There are 3 quests you need to do in Nek Castle to get access to the Library Room for this update: The Everling Lockets, The Boar's Head & The Red Marble. The Lockets quest allows you to access that part of the castle and the other 2 unlock the door. Mentoring is also NOT required. I ran all 3 at 100 and got the update.
    • Map page 3 - Stormhold Library (behind bookcases in middle of room) ( -118, -32, -141 ) Copy (Library back door in Antonica: ( -2480, -40, -232 ) Copy)
    • Map page 4 - South Qeynos Mage Tower (under the staircase @ red portal) ( 707, 41, 94 ) Copy
  23. Return to Ryvenar Sal'Vara
  24. Head to Chardok to kill an ancient wyvern Severclaw level 86^^^ ( 758, -30, 218 ) Copy Past the blue (second) gate and the red (third) gate. Auto spawns when you move near back wall. He has a knock back but is easier fight than The Enraged Wumpus. Need good dps, if you kill too slow mobs in area repop (though if you stay carefully in the corner against the walls while fighting him you can avoid aggro). Also, if you're standing in the wrong spot, he may spawn again, so be ready! It is a chest drop, so Each Ranger in group has to kill and loot chest.
  25. Return to Ryvenar Sal'Vara to claim your bow! Congrats!

STOP! If your goal is to have the Item for the Epic Conversion Timeline, you do NOT need to do the RAID version. You can begin that timeline now.


This quest is part of the Ranger Epic Weapon Timeline, and can only be started/completed by a member of that class of at least Level 80.