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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Kaladim
Journal Level 34 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Kaladim more
How to Start Killing three mobs in the last room of the Vault will spawn three ghosts, giving the three sub-quests.
part of: The Stormhammer Timeline
Preceded by:
The Stormhammer (Quest)
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What does this information mean?

This is a sub-quest of The Stormhammer


Inside the Haunted Vaults there is a locked chest in one of the side rooms with 3 keyholes in it. DO NOT destroy the 3 skeletons in the final room (the throne room) before you click the chest and read the note. Reading the note progresses the Stormhammer quest and moves you to the point where killing the skeletons of the Stormlords is the correct step. The 3 Stormlords give the 3 subquests you will work on next. This quest is 1 of that set of 3.

If you leave the Vault you will be locked out for 90 minutes.


  1. Gather keys from certain named mobs in Kaladim.
    • Iron Lord Kraxxaxis or his placeholder, an Iron Lord, on top of a tower ( -16, 43, -282 ) /waypoint -16, 43, -282 Eq2map
      • NOTE: Get up to him by climbing the wall at ( -18, 26, -255 ) /waypoint -18, 26, -255
    • The King (a rare part of the Avatar ring event) or Queen Varronik ( -214, 48, -85 ) /waypoint -214, 48, -85 Eq2map
    • The Reverend, who is part of the Kobold ring event at the cliffs by the river. One of the mobs in The Reverend's group in the third wave of the ring event will also update the quest. Near ( -153, 45, -236 ) /waypoint -153, 45, -236
    • Picklord Ryjeka (35^^^) or any grungletalon picklord, found at the end of the mining tunnel and all along the track leading to it.
    • a goblin picklord, in the Hall of Hammer near ( 14, 26, -256 ) /waypoint 14, 26, -256.
  2. After you get all the nameds, go to the room where the King Ring Event is. Behind the altar where he stands is the tomb at ( 25, 30, -543 ) /waypoint 25, 30, -543 Eq2map.
  3. Click on the tomb to spawn The ghost of Blyle Bundin (35^^^) and kill him before the 20 minute timer expires to update the quest.
  4. Return to the Stormguard Vault and kill the mob to respawn the Ghosts.
  5. Hail ghost for quest completion and key to advance quest line.


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