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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 120 (Tier 13)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Savage Weald more
How to Start Speak to Tiesh in the Savage Weald-385, 287, -890 ) Copy
part of: Reign of Shadows Timeline
Preceded by:
Reign of Shadows: Echo the Distance
Memories Are Made of This
Followed by:
Reign of Shadows: Spirited Attacks

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Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Hunt grimlings to gather 8 Savior Tashakhi icons.

    Khati Sha's Acrylia Phylactery in the Ruins of Shar Makhdi

  2. Click the The Altar of Tashakhi in the Dartspitter Camp-630, 37, -525 ) Copy.

    Khati Sha's Acrylia Phylactery at Smitetooth Camp

  3. Defeat the attacking Tashakhi priests.
  4. Return to Tiesh-385, 287, -890 ) Copy. You can use the aeromanced transport disk ( -738, 40, -647 ) Copy or Evac to the beginning of the zone to quickly return to Tiesh.
  5. Speak with Head Scholar Nabihan, who has appeared near you ( -378, 287, -888 ) Copy.
  6. Enter the Cadaverist Caves at ( -911, 72, -417 ) Copy.
  7. Search for Khati Sha the Twisted-1130, 70, -351 ) Copy
  8. Use Nabihan's Homing Rune Crystal to summon Head Scholar Nabihan and start the fight.
    • Defeat Khati Sha the Twisted and click on his remains. Note: You must be right up on him to spawn the fight.
  9. Collect Khati Sha's Phylacteries...
    • Steal Khati Sha's first phylactery from the Ruins of Shar Makhdi-271, 56, -616 ) Copy
    • Steal Khati Sha's second phylactery from Skullcracker Isle38, 31, -116 ) Copy
      • The grimlings in this village are Heroic. Swim around and approach from the sea side, you can reach the phylactery without fighting.
    • Steal Khati Sha's phylactery at the Smitetooth Clan Camp ( -836, 43, -797 ) Copy
  10. Travel to Head Scholar Nabihan's rendezvous point ( -726, 35, -95 ) Copy.
    • Your Mount will have been dismissed. Resummon it. You have now unlocked flying in Savage Wield

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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