Reforging is a system that allows you to alter the stats on your equipment. Below are brief details on how this works!

  • Must have Age of Discovery expansion, or have atleast bought the rights to use reforging (do not have to buy the full expansion anymore, just the parts you want), to use a reforging NPC / perform reforging.
  • Can only reforge an item once. If you pay to Restore the item then you can reforge it again.
  • Item gets a tag of REFORGED.
  • Choose the amount from a source blue mod you want applied to the destination blue mod (determined by a drop-down box).
  • Price varies depending on item level and amount of stat being reforged.

These specialists will allow you to tweak stats on your Legendary and Fabled equipment via a new “Reforge” tab.

  • Up to 40% of the value of a Source Attribute may be transferred to the value of a Destination Attribute.
  • 10% of the converted stat is lost in the conversion process.
  • Not all stats can be selected as Source Attributes or Destination Attributes.
  • You cannot select a Destination Attribute if that attribute is already present on the item.
  • You can revert the reforging process via the “Reforge” tab.

These specialists will also allow you to attach a Decoration to your weapon.

  • Decorations add particle effects to your weapon.
  • There are several tiers of decorations.
  • The higher the tier, the more elaborate the effect.
  • The first tier is available for purchase from Reforging specialists
  • Higher tiers are available through dungeon drops, Dungeon Maker, and Tradeskill Apprentices.
  • To add a decoration to your weapon, drag and drop your decoration into the decoration slot in the “Reforge” tab.

Reforging stats and adding a decoration to a weapon must be done at the same time.
If you revert the reforging process on an item that has a decoration, it will revert the stats as well as remove the decoration.
Certain special items, such as HQ rewards and Mythical Class Weapons (but can be done after you have completed the Epic Repercussions and received a Venerated version of your Mythical Class Weapon), cannot be reforged.

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