Ravager's Voidlink Armor Set

Armor Set: Ravaged Vigor

  • (2) +20 agi
  • (3) Applies Greater Deathly Lifetap
    • On any combat or spell this spell may cast Greater Deathly Lifetap on target of attack. Triggers about 2.0 times per minute.
      • Inflicts 665 - 1380 magic damage on target
      • Heals caster for 443 - 919
  • (5) 6% Double Attack Chance

This armor may be worn only by: Predators ( Assassin, Ranger ).

These items are sold by merchants in Moors of Ykesha at Dropship Landing Zone ( 1680, 452, 894 ) /waypoint 1680, 452, 894 Eq2map. They are the group of a mysterious Quellithulians. These specific items are sold by the Greater Shard Armor Merchant. They may also be purchased from a player crafter who has scribed Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual, Volume IV.

This armor is the upgrade of the TSO Armor Set (Tier 1): Marauder's Guile (Armor Set)

This armor set can be further upgraded to Fabled shard armor set (Tier 3): Deadly Eruption (Armor Set)

Shard Costs
Armor Piece Cost
Chain Armor Feet Ravager's Voidlink Boots
Chain Armor Head Ravager's Voidlink Coif
Chain Armor Hands Ravager's Voidlink Gloves
Chain Armor Chest Ravager's Voidlink Hauberk
Chain Armor Legs Ravager's Voidlink Leggings
Chain Armor Shoulders Ravager's Voidlink Spaulders
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