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Rallos Zek
Rallos Zek, The Warlord
The Warlord
Alignment - Evil
Prophet - Tychus Zeksworn

Rallos Zek is allied with Innoruuk and Cazic-Thule, enemy to Quellious and Bertoxxulous. The followers of Rallos Zek, the Warlord, believe in survival of the strong and death to the weak. The heart of a true follower of Zek yearns for strength, courage, but above all, victory. They believe that the heat of battle is the only place and time where enlightenment can be gained, that the universe was formed by conflict and in conflict it will end, with the victors feasting upon the remains of their fallen enemy. No respect or regard is given to the dead, for if they were worthy their hearts would still pump blood through their veins and not upon the soil of Norrath. The followers of Zek are almost exclusively warriors. [Source]

Accepting Your Deity[]

Speak with Tychus Zeksworn in northern Butcherblock Mountains at ( 338, 189, 399 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI.

Devotion Quests[]

  1. For the Glory of Rallos![20]
  2. Proof in Strength[30]
  3. Flesh and Steel[50]
  4. A Savage Lesson[60]
  5. In Service of Rallos Zek[70](heroic)


File:Rallos Zek Blessings and Miracles.jpg

Praying to Rallos Zek

Blessing Name Favor Description
Zek's Rending 750 Combat Art reuse timers -10% damage +10%
Battle Chaos 875 Scaled "Offense Stance" like buff, (+STA/STR, +C/P/S, -def)
War's Enlightenment 1000 On death blow, chance of 1min battle buff.
Tactical Formation 1125 Hate gain +10%. AE group hate gain -5%. -defense of caster. AE group +defense
Battlerage 1250 melee crit +10%. DPS +15.


Miracle Name Favor Description
Retribution of Rallos 1125 1 trigger of "on death, 25% heal, massive DD retort"
Tactical Retreat 1312 instant group evac
Battlegod's Furor 1500 melee battle buff, size boost, health based divine nuke at end of effect
Rallos' Devastation 1687 massive AOE divine nuke
War's Aftermath 1875 5 trigger massive divine dd damage shield


Pet Cloak Avatar
Warrior of Zek War Mantle of Rallos Zek Avatar of War
Warrior of Zek (pet).jpg War Mantle of Rallos.jpg Avatar of War.jpg

Attributed Creations[]