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Basic Understanding5Complete 5 Lore and Legend quests.
If you know what makes them tick...10Complete 10 Lore and Legend quests.
You can learn how to take them down!15Complete 20 Lore and Legend quests.
Master Strike Master20Complete 30 Lore and Legend quests.
Master of Lore and Legends!25Complete 40 Lore and Legend quests.
Beginner Collector5Complete 10 Collection quests.
Shiny Hunter5Complete 50 Collection quests.
Have Shiny, Will Travel10Complete 100 Collection quests.
Perceptive Collector15Complete 200 Collection quests.
Will Break for Shinies20Complete 300 Collection quests.
Collection Master25Complete 400 Collection quests.
The Shiny Eyed Monster25Complete 1,100 Collection quests.
Hallmark Hunter5Complete 10 Hallmark quests.
Mystery Solver5Complete 20 Hallmark quests.
Information Repository10Complete 30 Hallmark quests.
History Buff5Complete 5 Heritage quests.
Seeker of the Past5Complete 10 Heritage quests.
Knowledge Hunter10Complete 15 Heritage quests.
Relic Collector10Complete 20 Heritage quests.
Treasure Quester15Complete 25 Heritage quests.
Trinket Pursuer15Complete 30 Heritage quests.
Museum Now Opening!20Complete 35 Heritage quests.
Let's Go Antiquing20Complete 40 Heritage quests.
Links To The Past20Complete 45 Heritage quests
Archaeologist Anonymous20Complete 50 Heritage quests
Antiquities Exhibition 20 Complete 55 Heritage quests
Beginner Quester5Complete 10 quests.
Quester5Complete 100 quests.
Quest-a-holic10Complete 500 quests.
Addicted to Quests15Complete 1000 quests.
I gotta have more... quests?20Complete 1500 quests.
Just gotta keep on Questin'!25Complete 2000 quests.
Wild Wild Quest30Complete 2500 quests.
Quest 'Em All35Complete 3000 quests.
Lord of the Quests40Complete 3500 quests.
Knee Deep in Quests45Complete 4000 quests.
Drowning in Quests50Complete 4500 quests.
EverQuester50Complete 5000 quests.
Obsessive Questing Disorder50Complete 5500 quests.
Sign on the dotted line...5Complete 10 Signature quests.
Can I have your autograph?10Complete 20 Signature quests.
Signature Master15Complete 40 Signature quests.
Signature Grandmaster15 Complete 50 Signature quests.
Illustrious Signature Hunter 15 Complete 60 Signature quests
Your mission is...5Complete 10 Missions.
This Achievement will self-destruct in five seconds.10Complete 50 Missions.
Secret Agent15Complete 100 Missions.
Mission Improbable20Complete 500 Missions.
Mission Impossible25Complete 1000 Missions.
Festive Spirit50Participate in Norrath's Holiday festivities.
Mythical Brandisher50You have met great travails and accomplished the nigh impossible. Such legends were once written to the sky, the stars forever a testament to the hero's journey.
Time Traveler25Successfully explore and defeat villains from Norrath's past.
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