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Quellithulian Spires Event Timeline
Recommended Levels 1 to 80
Introduced: LU53
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones

The mysterious Quellithulians have set their sights upon the teleportation spires of Norrath. They are looking for volunteers to assist in their efforts to rebuild the destroyed Ulteran spires in Everfrost, Lavastorm, the Orcish Wastes and the Loping Plains. While adventurers within the Commonlands, Antonica, Enchanted Lands, Feerrott, Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest can help the Quellithulians repower and align the existing Ulteran spires there.

Starting Zones[]

Quests start from various quest givers at the in progress spires in:

They can also help at existing spires within the

Portal Warden[]

  1. Outsiders
  2. The Space Between Spaces

Spire Surveyor[]

  1. Connecting Threads
  2. Scattered Pieces

Chief Portal Engineer[]

  1. Building Blocks
  2. Working Behind the Scenes

Quellithulian Materials Processor[]

From Suel A'jilbir (Keeper of the Kaborite) in the Moores Dropship Landing zone

  1. Fragile Contents


Quellithulian Token of Appreciation

Quellithulian Supply Officer[]

Offers rewards in exchange for Tokens

Items for sale Price (tokens)
Bag of Teleportation Pads 20
Boots of Imperceptible Beauty 7
Bracers of Imperceptible Beauty 6
Bracers of the Spire 2
Breastplate of Imperceptible Beauty 17
Cloak of the Spire 20
Cuirass of the Spire 20
Desiccated Ghoul Fist 15
Energized Ulteran Spires Replica 8
Female Ulteran Mannequin 20
Fire of the Emerald 3
Flame of Passion 3
Gauntlets of the Spire 10
Gertrude's Ornamental Stein 5
Glittering Temptation 5
Gloves of Imperceptible Beauty 8
Glow of the Sea 3
Gnobrin's Ornamental Weapon of Choice 5
Golden Quellithulian Vase 8
Great Helm of the Spire 18
Greaves of the Spire 10
Heat of the Ruby 3
Helmet of the Spire 7
Loincloth of Imperceptible Beauty 13
Magic Mouth 20
Male Ulteran Mannequin 20
Mantle of Imperceptible Beauty 9
Ornamental Bottle of Mulled Claret 5
Ornamental Fist Cushion 5
Ornamental Oversized Pin Cushion 5
Ornamental Pike of Fate 5
Ornamental Staff of Destiny 10
Ornamental Storm-stained Kopesh 5
Ornate Quellithulian Bookcase 8
Ornate Quellithulian Vase 7
Pot of Wake-up Juice 2
Raiment of the Spire 11
Sabatons of the Spire 3
Sleeves of the Spire 7
Small Quellithulian Decanter 2
Smithy's Scalding Point 5
Spaulders of the Spire 7
Tapestry of the Spire 18
Towering Papasan Chair 9
Ulteran Vinegar Bottle 2
Ulteran Vintage 2
Zatozia's Ornamental Bullwhip 5