This faction appeared during the live event for the 15th Anniversary Event in 2019.

  • The event spans from 11/07/2019 2:00am PST through 12/06/2019 1:59am PST.
  • During the event, players are asked to help Quellithulian Portal Scholars building monuments in The Commonlands and Antonica.
  • This faction appears under the Shattered Lands group in the faction drop-down list on the player character sheet (press C).
  • In order to buy most of the event items, players must attain positive faction ranging from Amiable (+10k) to Ally (+40K).
  • The quickest way to gain faction during the live event is to attend many of the Dragon Attacks at various spires.


The following quests can also be completed to add +500 faction per turn-in.

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