Queen's Colony
Levels 1-6
Queen's Colony
"From here you begin your walk along the path of light, gaining skills and prestige, giving aid to those in need, and battling the forces of darkness that threaten all of Norrath."
Introduced LU19
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Qeynos
Instances The Source of Evil

Tradeskiller's Workshop

Quest Lines none
Harvesting Tier 1
NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Originally Queen's Colony was the starting zone for all Qeynos characters. It became optional with the release of Echoes of Faydwer, and was eventually removed from the game around the time Sentinel's Fate was released. However, it was readded some time in 2016. Starting with LU19, Isle of Refuge was split into Outpost of the Overlord for characters of Evil-alignment and Queen's Colony for characters of Good-alignment.

Queen's Colony is accessed via any of the Globes of Swift Travel within Antonica and Qeynos Capitol District, but not Qeynos Province District even though that is where Qeynos Harbor lies.


Queen's Colony was established as a training ground for prospective citizens of Qeynos. The Qeynosians lived in peace with the local Sapswill Goblins, preferring to train against the wildlife and not any sentient race. Recently, however, mysterious totems appeared throughout the goblin village and a dark fog spewed out from them. Almost instantaneously the Sapswill turned from a friendly race of goblins to a mindless undead army. Murrar Shar, and the forces of Qeynos are seeking the aid of any able-bodied, stout-hearted adventurers in eradicating these unfortunate souls and in cleansing the colony of whatever filth is causing their corruption.


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Named MonstersEdit

The following named monsters are not associated with any quests:


Notable LootEdit

There is a set of Legendary items in the zone-wide loot table, obtained from random Ornate chests from ANY mob in the zone it's associated instance::

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