Qinlin Lou

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Mercenary
Race Hua Mein
Zone Rogues Gallery (Shattered Lands)
Location ( 5, -32, 9 ) /waypoint 5, -32, 9
Class Monk
Hiring Fee scales with level
Salary scales with level


A gentle soul who sells his protection to benefit his family back in the Hua Mein village. Qinlin is a master of the Seven Winds style, an ancient Hua Mein art of fighting. Few are more formidable.

Abilities / SpellsEdit

Mercenary's Resolve

Calm Tranquility (master)

Black Window stance (master)

Rising Phoenix (master)

Lightning Palm (master)

Striking Cobra (master)

Five Ring (master)

Roundhouse Kick (master)

Waking Dragon (master)

Rising Dragon (master)

Charging Tiger (master)

Total Domination (master)


All mercenaries from mercenary crates are granted randomly. Rarity describes how likely or unlikely a player is to get this mercenary from a crate and, in turn, how much they will sell to Sneerio Backlash for status points.

  • Qinlin Lou is uncommon and sells for 3,000,000 status.


  • See the Rogues Gallery page for information about this type of mercenary and the location they are found in.
  • See the Mercenary Guide for a page that describes the use, train, how to add gear, and other topics related to mercenaries.
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