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Qeynos Villages Timeline
Recommended Levels 3 to 6
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Qeynos
Preceded by: Queen's Colony
Followed by: Qeynos Outlying Areas Timeline

These are the quests throughout the villages of Qeynos, including the race-specific quest series. Each character will only get to do one of the racial series, although if the race change potion from the Marketplace is used, the player can then do the quests for the new race. Minimal killing is required, so these can be done at a very low level.

You may also be interested in the Racial History Timeline.

When the racial quests were introduced, many of the quests from the villages were removed. They remain listed in the journals of players who completed them.

Quest level is displayed in parentheses.


Gnome series Edit

Neezer Grund

  1. Scraptastic
  2. Nogginspark Reactors
  3. Neezer's Survey
  4. Getting to Know Poko
  5. Magnificent Machinery- finishing with Poko Zing in The Forest Ruins

Continue with the quests from the Qeynos Timeline beginning with the quest News for Germain.

Halfling series Edit

Rondo "The Belly" Roundstew

  1. Helping a Friend
  2. Helping a Friend, Again
  3. Helping Some 'Friends'
  4. Paying Off a Sweet Debt
  5. A Budding Prankster
  6. Clearing Remmy's Name - sends you to Botanist Lith in the Peat Bog

Other quests Edit

Diggin Digs

  1. Badger Pelts for Diggs (5)

Sage Xoort

  1. Embers for Xoort (10)

Marshal Surefoot

  1. Fight the Forgotten Guardians (10)

Geologist Quardifle

  1. Gathering Rock Samples (13)

Barkeeper Kaldin Deeppockets

  1. Lendel's Grand Lager Delivery (8)

Tinkerer Spindlecog

  1. Spindlecog's New Job (24)

Examine the Bag of Parts

  1. Bag of Parts (5)
  2. In Search of the Tower of the Order of Three (10) - from Algan Tinmizer

Removed quests Edit

Ganla Dindlenod

  1. A Tattered Journal for Valean (8)

Smithy Findlebop

  1. Cleaning Supplies for Findlebop (5)

Mirf Guinders

  1. In Search of the Shrine of Estle (9)

Nyla Diggs

  1. Nyla's Pie Thief (5)

Lozoria Shinkicker

  1. Oro Root for Lozoria (5)

Tapster Bregun

  1. Picnic Basket for Yola (6)

Castleview HamletEdit

Froglok series Edit

Kwa Stalwart

  1. Froglok in Waiting (3)
  2. Ogres Down Below! (4)
  3. Marr's Witness (4)
  4. Just a Tad Bit of Help (5)
  5. No Rest for the Followers of Marr (5) - sends you to Lieutenant Charlin in Oakmyst Forest

Continue with the quests from the Qeynos Timeline beginning with the quest Natural Causes.

High Elf series Edit

Vindain Greenfaith

  1. Components of Growth
  2. Sowing Beauty
  3. Targeting Corruption
  4. The Commune
  5. Sending Word
  6. Regrowth - sends you to Adalin Emereal in Oakmyst Forest

Other quests Edit

Merchant Kruuprum

  1. A Sack of Rusty Daggers for Kruuprum (8)
  2. Food for Kruuprum (8)

Yanari Cyellan

  1. Substance Extract for Yanari (6)
  1. Badger Claws For Yanari (7)

Bartender Bulurg

  1. A Jug of Water for the Hole in the Wall (8)

Merchant Fevalin

  1. Bat Fur for Fevalin (10)

Grommluk Oognee

  1. Bog Exploring for Grommluk (7)

Bupipa Guryup

  1. Bupipa's New Amplificator (8)

Entertainer Faeadaen

  1. Faeadaen's Dinner Message (8)

Scribe Bleemeb

  1. Gathering Elddar Leaves (6)

Taneranthalis Nedaiveren

  1. Jewelry Delivery for Taneran (10)

Merchant Fevalin

  1. Mystail Tails for Fevalin (4)

Armsdealer Froptub

  1. New Etching Tool for Froptub's Smithy (6)

Eireneith Alannia

  1. Oh, Deer Me (14)

Knight-Captain Gerathalas

  1. Proving Myself to Captain Gerathalas (8)

Listalania Vainederian

  1. Reservations for a Visitor (6)

Scribe Bleemeb

  1. The Lost Book of Arbos (8)

Innkeeper Valean

  1. Valean's Stolen Books (8)

Removed quests Edit

Aadalian Farenair

  1. Sword for Aadalian (6)

Graystone YardEdit

Barbarian series Edit

Burk Stoneshatter

  1. A Time For Fighting
  2. Late Shipment
  3. In the Drink
  4. Visiting a Friend
  5. That Cheating Gnome! - sends you to Jorn Sorefoot in Oakmyst Forest

Continue with the quests from the Qeynos Timeline beginning with the quest Natural Causes.

Dwarf series Edit

Mav Boilfist

  1. A Family Recipe (3)
  2. Cheers! (4)
  3. A Package (Quest) (4)
  4. A Stone from Home (5)
  5. A Missing Husband (5)- sends you to Marv Boilfist in Oakmyst Forest.
  6. Booze in the Drink (6)

Continue with the quests from the Qeynos Timeline beginning with the quest Natural Causes.

Other quests Edit

Watchman Fiercecry

  1. Armor for Watchman Fiercecry (8)

Tacklemaster Monya

  1. Finding Bait (8)

Banker Dori

  1. Graystone Bank Tally Delivery (6)


  1. New Fishing Spot for Ubani (7)

Watcher Curmogliel Kar'thal

  1. Rat Man Bloodsaber Crusade (8)

Removed quests Edit

Dane Steelfist

  1. Dane Steelfist, Bureaucrat (10)

Pathfinder Silentstride

  1. Inform Tracker Kelnis (7)

Knight-Captain Salomar

  1. Inspect the Oakmyst Forest Gate (8)

Brice Strongmend

  1. New Fishing Pole for Brice (8)


  1. Potions for Jodi (6)

Barry Viceheart

  1. Return the Tome for Viceheart (10)

Assistant Tillheel

  1. Shrillers for Tillheel (4)

Weaponsmith Soulforge

  1. Snake Skin for Soulforge (6)


Human seriesEdit

Helain Conyers

  1. Books Bound to Bring Knowledge
  2. Wind Blown Brell Serilis
  3. Looking for Work is Hard Work.
  4. Crate and Barrel
  5. A Budding Hunter

Kerran series Edit

Lakosha Maera

  1. Ritual of Hearth
  2. Curious Findings
  3. Required Components
  4. Unfortunate Mistakes
  5. To the Source
  6. The Unfortunate Earth - sends you to Botanist Lith in the Peat Bog

Other quests Edit

Knight-Captain Elgrondeth

  1. Captain Elgrondeth's Dilemma (8)

Scribe Varion Smitelin

  1. Restocking Bog Faerie Wings (8)

Dirk Vagrin

  1. Scalies for Shinies (6)

Smith Cayless Chambers

  1. Sketch the Qeynos Claymore Monument (7)

Foster Graham

  1. Toxic Glands for Erollisi's Bane (8)

Examine shelf in Nettleville Quill

  1. Refill the Oakmyst Spider Silk Jars (10)

The Ghoulbane heritage quest begins here, with the quest Vida Needs a New Broom (8) from Vida Sweeps.

Removed quests Edit

Knight-Captain Hastings

  1. An Urgent Message from Nettleville (7)

Barmaid Lolla Cotgrove

  1. Checking Up on Lolla's Kegs (8)

Alchemist Garion Dunam

  1. Elixir for Tillheel (8)

Nia Jaja

  1. Nia's Hissing Fit (6)

A Barrel

  1. The Forgotten Blackburrow Cask (10)

Verth's Delivery

  1. Verth's Delivery (4)

Starcrest CommuneEdit

Erudite seriesEdit

Maareona Ludimintium

  1. Meeting with Cayan (3)
  2. Information Merchants (4)
  3. Hidden Treasures (4)
  4. Confrontation (5)
  5. Delivering News (5)
  6. Information Acquisition (8) - sends you to Rujiarmo Oolamein in the Peat Bog

Other quests Edit

Knight-Captain Santis

  1. Bog Sludge Hunt (8)

Fawn Starstone

  1. Building Fawn's Garden (8)

Philosopher Orrinalanya

  1. Erudite Debate (6)

Farnsby Dunworth

  1. Farnsby's New Axe (7)

Bartender Bermo

  1. Gathering Glowmyst (8)

Molly Daysun

  1. Kitty Wants to Play (10)


  1. Sobering Remedy (7)

Removed quests Edit

Angelia Clayton

  1. Angelia's Correspondence (8)

Jerben Sleepwell

  1. Batwing Crunchies for Jerben (8)

Taggan Brookrich

  1. Catacomb Rat Rummaging (6)

Merchant Grekin

  1. Deposit for Grekin (10)

Armsdealer Barrik

  1. Elliasenka's Dagger is Ready (4)

Scholar Obidudyn

  1. Essence Hunting for Obidudyn (6)

Scribe Ommanoden

  1. Quills for Ommanoden (14)

Zentomaron Croosinaden

  1. Searching for a Scroll (8)

Alchemist Tanaira

  1. Tanaira's Picnic Spot (6)

Willow WoodEdit

Half-Elf seriesEdit

Daelyn Twinstar

  1. A Split Heritage
  2. A Joined Heritage
  3. Wisdom in the Wind
  4. A Task for Daelyn
  5. For Qeynos - ending with Elvic Garrett in The Forest Ruins

Continue with the quests from the Qeynos Timeline beginning with the quest News for Germain.

Wood Elf series Edit


  1. Offering Help
  2. Tribute Leaves
  3. A Task for Davyn
  4. Tribute Flowers
  5. A Tribute for Ulinir
  6. Unnatural Causes (7) - sends players to Ilaen Lilac in the Forest Ruins

Other quests Edit

Jendan Greenthorn

  1. Any Messages For Jendan? (8)

Hunter Vannil

  1. Snake Slaying (8)

Rebeka Lori

  1. The Willow Wood Memorial (6)

Removed quests Edit

Blacksmith Baynor

  1. Baynor's Bent Tongs (7)

Kualdin Swoonsong

  1. Kualdin's Duet Offer (8)

Scribe Salinia Brooklily

  1. Scavenger Rats (10)
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