Qeynos Timeline
Recommended Levels 1 to 20
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Qeynos
Preceded by: Qeynos Racial Timeline
Followed by: Antonica Timeline

This is the introductory set of quests for newbies of Qeynos. It takes new characters from the Queen's Colony to Qeynos and its outlying districts. The later levels overlap nicely with the Antonica Timeline, so we encourage you to work on both of them simultaneously.

Queen's Colony

The Queen's Colony is the starting location for all Qeynos characters. It is possible to do at least 6 levels on the Colony island. There is a one-way connection to Qeynos on the southern dock of the Colony. You cannot return to the Colony after you leave, so make sure you are done your quests there before you move on.

Murrar Shar

  1. Welcome to Norrath (Queen's Colony) (1)
  2. The Art of Combat (Queen's Colony) (1)
  3. A Presence of Evil (2)
  4. Into the Tainted Forest (3)
  5. Joining the Forward Ranks (4)
  6. The Source of Evil (Quest) (6)


  1. Tainted (4)
  2. Ghosts and Goblins (4)

a lost scout

  1. Doggone It! (4)
  2. A Diplomatic Mission (5)

Additional Colony Quests

Qeynos Village

When you arrive in your village in Qeynos, you're offered a starter quest series. Each race has its own series of starter quests. They require minimal killing and can be done at level 1, so you could skip the Colony and start here if you wished. You'll earn about 2 levels and the reward has a clicky effect.

Oakmyst Forest

Lieutenant Charlin

  1. Natural Causes (8)
  2. Cause for Investigation (9)
  3. A Citizen's Request (10)
  4. An Important Meeting (10)
  5. Clean Up (11)
  6. Reinforcements (11) - sends you to meet with Consul Bree in The Caves

The Dryad Court

  1. Feed the Sapling (8) from Scholar Neola
  2. Judgement of the Dryads (8) from Judge Eunomia
  3. Destroy the Corruption (13 Heroic) from Empress Anassa

Additional quests in Oakmyst Forest

The Peat Bog

Ferius Mentus

  1. Muck Slime (6)

Lieutenant Dawson

  1. Reclaiming the Bog (8)
  2. Mysterious Machine (8)
  3. Ambushed (9)
  4. On the Move (10)
  5. A Final Foe (11)
  6. Reinforcements (11) - sends you to meet with Consul Bree in The Caves

The Forest Ruins

Acting Lieutenant Germain (with a little help from Poko Zing)

  1. News for Germain (8)
  2. Favors (9)
  3. Returning to the Disturbance (10)
  4. Uncover the Caches (10)
  5. Lure (11)
  6. Reinforcements (11) - sends you to meet with Consul Bree in The Caves

Other quests in The Forest Ruins

  1. Forest Ruins Volunteer (5) from Sergeant at Arms Uthros
  2. Far Seas Direct Requisition FRN0378 (6) - examine Far Seas Direct Requisition FRN0378 which drops from random mobs in the zone
  3. Snapper Shells (7) from Therven Senshun
  4. Lost Spellbook Fragments (8) examine a spellbook fragment which drops from Kinloc Flamepaw's Remains
  5. Vaughn's Stuff (10) from Outlander Vaughn
  6. Letter for Hunter Forestdeep (8) from Outlander Vaughn

The Caves

This is the highest level quest series in Qeynos, and has a heroic ending. You can start the Antonica Timeline at the same time.

Consul Bree

  1. A Lack of Information (10)
  2. Hit Them Where it Hurts (11)
  3. Elements of a Ritual (13)
  4. High Shaman of the Rockpaw (14 heroic)
  5. A Note from the Qeynos Quartermaster (12) - leads to Antonica Timeline

Kahla Ulno

  1. Studies in Speciation (10)

Lieutenant Delsun

  1. The Gnollish Menace (13 heroic)

Emma Torque - Field Engineer

  1. An Explosive Idea (12) you must first finish the quest A Lack of Information
  2. Destroying the Foundation (14)

Other quests in The Caves

  1. Alabaster for the Mages (8) - examine a chunk of alabaster which drops from random mobs in the zone
  2. Far Seas Direct Requisition CVS0276 (8) - examine Far Seas Direct Requisition CVS0276 which drops from random mobs in the zone
  3. Far Seas Direct Requisition CVS0431 (10) - examine Far Seas Direct Requisition Order CVS0431 which drops from random mobs in the zone

Qeynos City

The quests in Qeynos City do not follow a specific order, so they are listed here according to which city quadrant they are found in. At level 10 we encourage you to start the Antonica Timeline. The quests listed below can be done in parallel with those in the Antonica Timeline, and later, the Thundering Steppes Timeline.

North Qeynos

Danielle Clothspinner

  1. Some Nice Bear Hides (13)

Medic Brendan

  1. Anti-venom Components for Brendan (10)

Knight-Lieutenant Laughlin

  1. Gnoll Extermination (12)

Elsabethia Hartsunder

  1. The Vermin's Plague (15)

Scholar Demini

  1. The Age of Rediscovery (15)
  2. The Scholar's Search (13)
  3. Never Judge a Book By It's Cover (15)
  4. Flight of the Sage (20)

South Qeynos

Feodra Iceslayer

  1. Barbaric Chores (10)

Qeynos Harbor

Erwin Rohand

  1. Sleek Wolf Hides (9)

Dajor Botswein

  1. Of Spars and Sails and... (25)
  2. From Sea to Sea (25)

The Elddar Grove

Lookout Venylle

  1. Visiting the Windstalker Grave (12)
  2. Unnatural Lesson (14)

Rask Helstot

  1. Vale of the Shattering (15)
  2. Vale of the Shattering: Proof of Worth (15)
  3. Vale of the Shattering: Investigating the Trail (15)
  4. Vale of the Shattering: Dispersing the Unkempt (15)

Wesaelan Brookshadow

  1. Journal of Elkare (17)
  2. Recovery of the Bloodsaber Plans (18)

In the Villages

The Baubbleshire

Graystone Yard


Starcrest Commune

The Willow Wood

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