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Qeynos Capitol District
Levels All
North Qeynos (POI)
An image of the famous Qeynosian aqueducts in North Qeynos.
Introduced LU64
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
Quest Lines none
NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Qeynos Capital District Map

Map of Qyenos Capital District with detail showing the regions (North and South) that comprise it.

This zone encapsulates what used to be North Qeynos and South Qeynos. In LU64, Qeynos was combined into two zones, Qeynos Capitol District and Qeynos Province District.



Qeynos Capitol District is the administrative, cultural, and residential hub of Qeynos. The Sovereign House, Qeynosian Guild Hall and entrance to the Citadel of Qeynos are all found here, representing the municipal government. The world-famous Concordium Tower and Temple of Life stand here, home to magically-inclined elite. Many tradeskill shops also adorn the roads throughout the district, such as Clothspinners, The Coldwind Crier and of course the renowned Ironforge Exchange. Lastly, the majority of the city's middle-class and affluent citizens make their homes here, in the housing neighborhood of South Qeynos. The former suburbs that existed pre-LU64, such as The Baubbleshire and The Willow Wood, have been reduced to quest-specific instances. They no longer have player housing and cannot be accessed freely.


Qeynos can be traversed by Mariner's Bell, which are found mostly near waterways. For a list of all bell locations see this article.


Other Cities of Good-Alignment[]

Zone Name Region Main Racial Inhabitants
New Halas Frostfang Sea Barbarian, Coldain
Kelethin Greater Faydark Fae, Wood Elf