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The Stove & Keg.

Provisioners produce a variety of food and drink of benefit to those who consume them.

For a categorical listing of provisioning information, see Category:Provisioner.

Components and Fuel[]

The crafting device for provisioners is the Stove & Keg. Kindling of various sorts is the fuel required for all provisioning recipes, and as with all crafting classes the cost of fuel increases as the tier increases. Additionally, many recipes require other vendor-purchased ingredients such as liquids, milk, dough, and other items.

Raw components for provisioners in all tiers include: foodstuffs (tea leaves, coffee beans, fruits, and vegetables), meat, fish, roots, and loam. In upper tiers, wood and soft metals are also required.


Provisioners can create food, which increases the out-of-combat Health regeneration of the character who consumes it. Some food also increases Strength or Agility, and any food which does so also increases Stamina by a like amount.


Provisioners can create drinks, which increase the out-of-combat Power regeneration of the character who consumes them. Some drinks also increase Intelligence or Wisdom, and any drink which does so also increases Stamina by a like amount.


Provisioners use the Artistry Tradeskill set.


  • Low-Adventure-level provisioners should be aware that the tooltip information is scaled to your current Adventure level, i.e. that level 60 Sabertooth Steak provides 103 health regen to a level 60+ and not the 10 health regen it shows to your level 5. The only way to truly know the stats and bonuses of a given food or drink is to have someone examine it of the appropriate Adventure level or consult an online source.
  • Provisioners have no rare recipes, and correspondingly no rare ingredients.
  • Food and drink crafted by provisioners do not scale up as other trades. For instance, there is no Pristine Owlbear Steak. You either make the steak or you don't. However, completing a build with all 4 bars of durability intact will get you more product and a greater experience reward.


Essential recipe books can be purchased from any Crafting Trainer, usually found outside of all Tradeskill Instances.

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