Provisioner EssentialsEdit

Provisioner Essentials...Recipes
Volume 20Oolong Tea, Steppes Mountain Coffee, Lion Steak, Pork Chop, Chocolate Covered Fayberry
Volume 21Fayberry Juice, Sweet Onion Kalish, Baked Crayfish, Baked Mackerel, Fayberry Cheesecake, Fayberry Juice, Sweet Onion Kalish
Volume 22Creamed Oolong Tea, Creamed Steppes Mountain Coffee, Fayberry Muffins, Onion Muffins, Fayberry Fudge
Volume 23Fayberry Fizzlepop, Sweet Onion Fizzlepop, Lion Sandwich, Pork Sandwich
Volume 24Blasted Samoflage, Hailstorm, Crayfish Stew, Mackerel Stew
Volume 25Steppes Mountain Espresso, Oolong Kalish Tea, Sweet Onion Omelet, Fayberry Pie
Volume 26Fayberry Wine, Sweet Onion Wine, Pork Casserole, Lion Casserole
Volume 27Gin & Tonic, Crusted Mackerel
Volume 28Vox Breath Beer, Crayfish Casserole
Volume 29Mountain Man, Beer Braised Pork
Volume 30Wild Apple Juice, Griffon Steak, Bear Steak, Chocolate Covered Wild Apple, Cucumber Juice
Volume 31Baked Carp, Baked Shark,Everfrost Coffee, Green Tea, Wild Apple Cheesecake
Volume 32Cucumber Fizzlepop, Fried Cucumber, Wild Apple Fizzlepop, Wild Apple Fudge, Wild Apple Muffin
Volume 33Bear Sandwich, Griffin Sandwich, Iced Everfrost Coffee, Iced Green Tea
Volume 34Wild Apple Wine, Sharkfin Soup, Cucumber Wine, Carp Stew
Volume 35Cucumber Sandwich, Everfrost Espresso, Kalish Green Tea, Wild Apple Pie
Volume 36Bear Casserole, Cucumber Gin and Tonic, Griffon Casserole, Wild Child
Volume 37Arctic Heights, Land Shark, Wild Apple Glazed Carp, Wild Apple Glazed Shark
Volume 38Green Tea Grinder, Wild Apple Cookies
Volume 39Cucumber Omelet, Frostbite
Volume 40Browncap Mushroom Tea, Chocolate Covered White Peach, Owlbear Steak, White Peach Juice, Wyrm Steak
Volume 41Baked Blowfish, Baked Trout, Lavastorm Robusta Coffee, Pu-erh Tea, White Peach Cheesecake
Volume 42Browncap Mushroom Fizzlepop, Mushroom Bread, White Peach Cookies, White Peach Fizzlepop, White Peach Fudge
Volume 43Iced Lavastorm Robusta Coffee, Iced Pu-erh Tea, Owlbear Sandwich, Wyrm Sandwich
Volume 44Browncap Mushroom Kalish, Masu, Seared Blowfish, White Peach Smoothie
Volume 45Browncap Mushroom Sandwich, Flaming Peach, Fugu Surprise, White Peach Pie
Volume 46Fire in the Hole, Owlbear Casserole, Sea Foam, Wyrm Casserole
Volume 47Browncap Mushroom Wine, Fugu, Trout Oshizushi, White Peach Wine
Volume 48Absinthe, Browncap Musroom Soup, Green Fary, White Peach Sorbet
Volume 49Fiery Owlbear Steak, Fiery Wyrm Steak, Herbal Flame, Nagafen's Flame
Volume 50Artichoke Kalish, Caiman Steak, Chocolate Covered Prickly Pear, Prickly Pear Juice, Sabertooth Steak
Volume 51Baked Eel., Baked Tigershrimp, Darjeeling Tea, Maj'dul Coffee, Prickly Pear Cheesecake
Volume 52Artichoke Fizzlepop, Baked Artichoke, Prickly Pear Cookie, Prickly Pear Fizzlepop, Prickly Pear Fudge
Volume 53Caiman Steak Sandwich, Iced Darjling Tea, Iced Maj'dul Coffee, Sabertooth Steak Sandwich
Volume 54Artichoke Tea, Eel Soup, Prickly Pear Smoothie, Seared Tigershrimp
Volume 55Artery Punch, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Prickly Pear Crumpet, Pureed Artichoke Dip
Volume 56Artichoke Wine, Caiman Casserole, Prickly Pear Wine, Sabertooth Casserole
Volume 57Golden Eye, Mental Core Breach, Pear Glazed Seared Tigershrimp, Unagi
Volume 58Denmother's Trail Mix, Prickly Pear Muffin, The Overlord, The Queen
Volume 59Desert Fever, Pear Glazed Caiman Steak, Pear Glazed Sabertooth Steak, Quicksand
Volume 60Aviak Steak, Chocolate Covered Xegonberry, Ravasect Steak, Squash Beer, Squash Cider
Volume 61Aviak Sandwich, Ravasect Sandwich, Xegonberry Cheesecake, Xegonberry Juice, Xegonberry Sparkling Juice
Volume 62Soaring Cappuccino, Soaring Expresso, Xegonberry Cookie, Xegonberry Fudge, Xegonberry Pie
Volume 63Baked Squash, Sparkling Sweet Iced Chai Tea, Squash Casserole, Sweet Chai Tea
Volume 64Baked Flying Fish, Seasoned Aviak Sandwich, Soaring Espresso Macchiato, Xegonberry Wine
Volume 65Grilled Flying Fish, Seasoned Ravasect Sandwich, Soaring Espresso Latte, Xegonberry Brandy
Volume 66Black-Eye Chai, Iced Bla-Eye Chai, Xegonberry Cobbler, Xegonberry Sorbet
Volume 67Narcoleptic Sweet-Talk, Rosewood Sling, Squash Cobbler, Squash Pie
Volume 68Dancing Halfling, Flying Fish Stew, Flying Freddy, Seasoned Flying Fish Rolls
Volume 69Bosprite Squash Muffins, Bosprite Wine, Giggleberry Juice, Screewoggins' Surprise
Volume 70Chocolate Chip Cocoa Cookies, Chocolate Covered Cranberry, Cranberry Fizzlepop, Cranberry Juice, Grilled Barracuda, King Prawn Bisque, Salted King Prawns, Seared Barracuda Steak, Seared Prawn Salad, Succulent Cider, Succulent Juice
Volume 71Barracuda Soup, Buttered King Prawns, Cabilis Cocoa Mocha, Cranberry Beer, Cranberry Cheesecake, Cranberry Cocoa Smoothie, Leaf Wrapped Baked Succulent, Seared Succulent Sandwich, Succulent Kalish, Succulent Smoothie, Sweet and Sour King Prawn Soup
Volume 72Barracuda Bone Soup, Cabilis Cocoa Bars, Cranberry Flavored Beer, Cranberry Glazed Succulent Steaks, Cranberry Pie, King Prawn Crisps, Sparkling Cranberry Juice, Succulent and Torsis Tea Fizzlepop, Succulent Lager, Sweetened Barracuda Blood Kalish
Volume 73Barracuda and Prawn Kebabs, Cabilis Cocoa Liqueur, Cranberry Cookie, Cranberry Glazed King Prawn Skewers, Cranberry Martini, Cranberry Wine, Flame Skewered Spicy Barracuda, King Prawn Cocktail, Roasted Barracuda Steak with Cranberry Sauce, Whipped Cabilis Cocoa
Volume 74Cranberry Glazed Roasted Lichenclover Root, Fried Barracuda Rolls, Lichenclover Seasoned King Prawn Omelet, Sparkling Succulent Wine, Spiced Torsis Tea, Succulent Bisque, Succulent Dip, Succulent Martini, Succulent Sour Cocktail, Sweetened Cocoa Smoothie
Volume 75Barracuda Rolls, Cabilis Cocoa Mousse, Cranberry Margarita, Cranberry Sparkling Wine, Cranberry Tea Cake, Iced Torsis Tea, Steamed King Prawn Dumplings, Succulent Mead, Succulent Tonic, Teren Field Ration
Volume 76After Dark, Barracuda Casserole, Cabilis Cocoa Birthday Cake, Cabilis Cocoa Sweet Bread, Cranberry Caramel Pie, Cranberry Cocoa Twist, Cranberry Fruitcake, Cranberry Sour, Cranberry Stinger
Volume 77Cranberry Schnapps, Iced Cabilis Cocoa, King Prawn in Cranberry Sauce, King Prawn Stuffed Succulent, Sour Cranberry Brandy, Sparkling Cranberry Wine, Succulent and King Prawn Pie, Sugar Glazed Succulent Roast
Volume 78Cabilis Cocoa Pastries, Cocoa Dusted Cranberry Tarts, Cranberry-Filled Sweet Pastries, Creamed Torsis Tea, Spicy Seafood Burger, Sweet Brewed Torsis Tea, Teren Tranquil Tipple, Torsis Tea Ice Cream
Volume 79Cocoa-Dusted Wedding Cake, Crispy Fried King Prawn Heads, Drachnid Bliss, Headless Cockatrice, Juicy Cranberry Cobbler, Lichenclover Root Crisps, Luscious Cranberry Pie with Cream, Overthere Ale, Sarnak Negotiator, Tottering Brute
Volume 80Creamed Caynar Drink, Fearstalker Pasta, Flame-Grilled Kobold Chop, Kobold Blended Tea, Lapsang Tea Sorbet, Marr Cherry Fizzlepop, Marr Cherry Tea, Octopus Meat Steak, Palmfruit and Octopus Casserole, Plain Caynar Coffee, Pureed Fearstalker Smoothie, Sauteed Bamboo Shoot, Seahorse Roe Hors D'Oevre, Steaming Lapsang Tea
Volume 81Blended Palmfruit Martini, Caynar Nutbread, Caynarbutter and Palmfruit Jelly Sandwich, Kejekan Palmfruit Frappe, Octopus Arm Sashimi, Octopus Meat Mead, Palmfruit Cider, Seahorse Roe and Palmfruit Souffle, Seahorse Roe Sashimi, Sour Cherry Whisky, Stir Fried Octopus with Bamboo Shoot, Stir Fried Palmfruit with Cherry, Sweet Cherry Cider
Volume 82Grilled Gazer Chop, Grilled Octopus Steak, Hot Bamboo Shoot Tea, Kejekan Kalish, Liquified Gazer Liqueur, Marr Cherry Cheesecake, Marr Cherry Liqueur, Marr Cherry Milkshake, Marr Cherry Sweetbread, Octopus Meat Sandwich, Palmfruit Blended Tea, Palmfruit Liqueur, Pickled Seahorse Roe, Sweet and Sour Seahorse Roe Soup
Volume 83Caynar Nut Casserole, Chery Glazed Seahorse Roe, Creamed Cherry Coffee, Dried Palmfruit Bar, Gazer Favoured Frappe, Iced Caynar Coffee, Kejekan Palmfruit Parfait, Marr Cherry Smoothie, Palmfruit Smoothie, Refreshing Roper Juice, Roast Gazer with Gravy, Roper Stump Roast, Seared Octopus with Cherry Glaze, Whipped Marr Cherry Frappe
Volume 84Bamboo and Featstalker Stew, Bamboo Shoot Stirred Frappe, Caynar Sparkling Wine, Fearstalker Meat Lager, Fried Octopus Roll, Liquified Seahorse Roe, Marr Cherry Crepe, Marr Cherry Mousse, Octopus Meat Martini, Octopus Tentacle Rum, Palmfruit and Chery Triffle, Palmfruit Stuffed Octopus, Seahorse Shake, Strong Brewed Cherry Beer, Sugared Palmfruit Pastry, Tossed Bamboo Shoot Salad

Special/Advanced ProvisionerEdit

There are only a few Advanced tomes for Provisioners. There are, however, a few rare or quested recipe books. There are "rares" for every tier of harvest that provisioners may use and there are Advanced books on the pattern of "Advanced Provisioner Volume 20", "30", etc... up to 90. After that there are quested books. All the new books since the Skyshrine Expansion are available from the Crafting Trainer or your Guild Hall Tradeskill Recipe merchant. (The ones from the questlines are expensive so seek the quests if you prefer.)

The new low level Advanced Provisioner recipes apply attribute buffs and less regeneration. The first tier is available to everyone, the next is available only in Advanced Craftsman Volume 10. After that, you must be a Provisioner to make these recipes, for example, Halcyon plum makes Halcyon Plum Cake and Elixir of Lives. The recipe is in Advanced Provisioner Volume 20 .

LevelRecipe Book NameRecipesHow to obtainUpdate
2Kelryne's Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies of Seething MaliceChocolate Chip Cookie of Seething MaliceSpeak to Kelryne V'ZiathLive Update #35
9Gift of the Golden AcornGolden AcornReward from the quest "Tree within a Tree" in Antonica.
15Recipe for Mooshga MushMooshga MushReward from the quest "Crack Pot" in The Commonlands.
20Advanced Provisioner Volume 20[information needed][information needed]
25Provisioner Mastery volume 1Beghn's Death-by-Chocolate Cake, Hair of the Dog, The Jester's CapReward from the quest "Journeyman Service".LU38
30Advanced Provisioner Volume 30[information needed][information needed]
35Provisioner Mastery volume 2Brasse's Dwarven Battle Bread, Forget Me Not, The Queen's MasqueradeReward from the quest "Tradesman Service".LU42
37Hopple's Apple Pie RecipeHopple's Apple PieReward from the quest "Fundraiser One: Apples Away" in Enchanted Lands.
40Advanced Provisioner Volume 40[information needed][information needed]
45Provisioner Mastery volume 3Frizznik's Projectile Gnomish Pudding, Vampiric ToothacheReward from the quest "Advanced Provisioner Service".Unknown
50Advanced Provisioner Volume 50[information needed][information needed]
60Advanced Provisioner Volume 60[information needed][information needed]
68The Tender's Secrets Volume 2Growth's AmbrosiaDrops from Tender of the Seedlings in The Emerald Halls
70Advanced Provisioner Volume 70[information needed][information needed]
70Bartending for SadistsHalasian IcebrewDrops from The Sadistic Bartender in The Estate of UnrestLive Update #32
70Riliss Culinary Volume IRilissian Lichenclover Crisps, Rilissian Stimulant BrewPurchase from Klok Zlazx in Riliss Requires 20,000 faction with Riliss (Faction)
70Riliss Culinary Volume IIRiliss Chicken FootPurchase from Klok Zlazx in Riliss Requires 30,000 faction with Riliss (Faction)
75Bathezid Culinary Volume IDi'Zok Cranberry Pastries, Di'Zok Tranquil TipplePurchase from Tac Ci'Toruen in Bathezid's Watch Requires 20,000 faction with Bathezid's Watch
75Bathezid Culinary Volume IIDi'Zok Blissful ObscurityPurchase from Tac Ci'Toruen in Bathezid's Watch Requires 30,000 faction with Bathezid's Watch
75Sathirian Provisioning InfusionsCockatrice Blood Infusion, Mountain Giant Sweat Infusion, Cranberry Flavored Cockatrice Blood InfusionPurchase from Klok Zlazx in Riliss Requires 20,000 faction with Riliss (Faction)
75Sathirian Provisioning ReductionsMountain Giant Flesh Reduction, Spiced Hornet Legs Reduction, Bruteflesh ReductionPurchase from Klok Zlazx in Riliss Requires 20,000 faction with Riliss (Faction)
75Di'Zok Provisioning InfusionsHornet Venom Infusion, Succulent Brutemarrow Infusion, Sweetened Devourer Blood InfusionPurchase from Tac Ci'Toruen in Bathezid's Watch Requires 10,000 faction with Bathezid's Watch
75Di'Zok Provisioning ReductionsDevourer Flesh Reduction, Drachnid Reduction, Behemoth Reduction, Cranberry Glazed Drachnid ReductionPurchase from Tac Ci'Toruen in Bathezid's Watch Requires 10,000 faction with Bathezid's Watch
75Sathirian Magma RecipesFiery Magma Infusion, Magma Fish ReductionPurchase from Eviss Ryiss in Danak Shipyard Requires 10,000 faction with Legion of Danak
75Danak Culinary Volume IOverthere Reserve Ale, Sathirian NegotiatorPurchase from Eviss Ryiss in Danak Shipyard Requires 30,000 faction with Legion of Danak
75Danak Culinary Volume IIDanak WishbonePurchase from Eviss Ryiss in Danak Shipyard Requires 40,000 faction with Legion of Danak
75Culinary Secrets of the Ssstibbler ClanBrute Meat Onna Stick, Cabilis Classic Cola, Cockatrice Sausage Inna Bun, Emerald Jungle Juice, Mountain Giant Meat Pie Floater, Soggy Skyfire Mountain Dew, Spicy Sarnak Tail, Torsis True BrewPurchase for 10P from Unknown wandering vendor in the Arena area of the Emperor's Athenaeum Requires Unknown faction with Unknown
79Provisioners' Secrets of Guk Volume IRowan Berry PoulticePurchase from Koros Splinterlimb in Village of Shin Requires 40,000 faction with Far Seas Supply Division
79Provisioners' Secrets of Guk Volume IIRowan Berry Salve PotPurchase from Koros Splinterlimb in Village of Shin Requires 40,000 faction with Far Seas Supply Division
80Advanced Provisioner Volume 80[information needed][information needed]
80Provisioners' Secrets: Pomegranate Passion RecipiesIced Pomegranate Ambrosia, Fermented Pomegranate MoonshinePurchase from Koros Splinterlimb in Village of Shin Requires 30,000 faction with Far Seas Supply Division
90Advanced Provisioner Volume 90[information needed][information needed]
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