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The Proving Grounds are a cross-server hub introduced with LU103 on Tuesday May 9, 2017 (formerly the Battlegrounds PvP arena). The Proving Grounds feature timed PVE competitions as well as solo and duo instances.

Entering the Proving Grounds[edit | edit source]

Entry portals to the Proving Grounds Lobby are located in the major cities, with merchants and quest givers being located near the portals:

  • Freeport: In North Freeport across from the T2 guildhall ( -49, -20, -263 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI.
  • Frostfang Sea: On the docks near New Halas-350, 30, 229 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI. -- This is the easiest portal to access, because it's right by the bell.
  • Gorowyn: On the Timorous Deep docks ( 2404, 19, 1392 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI.
  • Greater Faydark: In the city of Kelethin310, 109, 144 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI.
  • Neriak: Near the gate to Timorous Deep43, 17, 12 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI.
  • Qeynos: In Qeynos Harbor near the Clock of Ak'Anon749, -21, -63 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI.

A Portal to the Proving Grounds, surrounded by a quest giver and three merchants

Proving Grounds Instances[edit | edit source]

Proving Grounds Quests[edit | edit source]

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