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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The Moors of Ykesha
Journal Level 78 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Moors of Ykesha more
How to Start Hail Grak Liversplat ( 1059, 124, 704 ) /waypoint 1059, 124, 704 in the caves of Brokenskull Loft while on the quest Soko-what?
part of: Moors of Ykesha Timeline
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Notes Edit

Make sure you use the Brokenskull Disguise you received from Fip Marrsquire, otherwise you will not be able to hail Grak Liversplat.


Grak is deep in a cave. The entrance is ( 385, 70, 875 ) /waypoint 385, 70, 875.

This quest can be completed in two ways, depending on how you respond to Grak.

Method One - Kill The Kittens

  1. Attack and kill 8 kittens.
  2. Return to Grak Liversplat.

Method Two - Find Another Way

  1. Take the simple brown sack from the pile inside the arena ( 1054, 124, 708 ) /waypoint 1054, 124, 708.
  2. Use it to capture 8 kittens.
  3. Return to Grak Liversplat.


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