Priestess Klodae Cer'Ule

Priestess Klodae Cer'Ule

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Mercenary
Race Kerig'Dal
Zone Rogues Gallery (Rum Cellar Campaign‎)
Location ( 41, -32, -34 ) /waypoint 41, -32, -34
Class Inquisitor
Hiring Fee scales with level
Salary scales with level


Once an Arch-Priestess of Zek, Klodae, along with her kin, were driven from the halls of Drunder after the death of Lady Vorticia V'uul. Cast out into the natural world of Norrath, only Klodae's resilience and strength of will has allowed her to survive, qualities her four sisters lacked.

Abilities / SpellsEdit

  • Sacred Armor VII (Master)
  • Fanatic's Faith VI (Master)
  • Tenacity VII (Master)
  • Condemn VIII (Master)
  • Hammer Divine Smite III (Master)
  • Fanatical Healing VIII (Master)
  • Penance VIII (Master)
  • Malevolent Diatribe VII (Master)
  • Alleviation VII (Master)
  • Cure
  • Resolute Flagellant III (Master)
  • Conversion of the Soul