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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Altar of Malice
Level Range 100-110
Zone in from Qeynos/Freeport
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Public
Failure Lockout failure lockout needed!
Success Lockout success lockout needed!
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
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What does this information mean?

Note[edit | edit source]

Entrance for Qeynos is ( 670, -21, 101 ) Copy. entrance for Freeport is ( -139, -8, -114 ) Copy

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Finally some light can be shed on the topic here.

There are Cruxes that are needed to spawn the Avatars when you get in. I will cover that first. There are several cruxes required to spawn the Avatars. Here is a chart for all the Avatars. The cruxes can be obtained from all final bosses as a random drop in pairs of 2 or single from Alter of Malice, Rum Cellar Campaign raid zones and the Precipice bosses themselves.

Isle - Location -Avatar - Cruxes

Perception ( 129, 0, -169 ) Copy - Avatar of The Tribunal - Justice, Infliction, Truth

Fulmination - ( 61, -0, 66 ) Copy - The Avatar of Karana - Fulgimation, Fulmination, Tempests

Consternation - ( -144, 0, -93 ) Copy - The Avatar of Cazic Thule - Dread, Horror, Despair

Conflagration - ( -103, 2, 139 ) Copy - The Avatar of Fennin Ro - Unquestioning, Squalling, Frightening

Underfoot - ( -71, -4, -245 ) Copy - The Avatar of Brell

Here is another chart for the creation of other Cruxs. You can sacrifice 2 Cruxs to create a new one. Just examine a crux to pull this same info up too. Note that the Cruxs Unquestioning Squalling and Frightening can not be created from 2 other Cruxs. The Fennin cruxs can only be obtained from the other Avatars.

Edit: 11/12/2020: So after MONTHS of farming these Cruxs im hoping I can add a little help here.

First, You should run all the raid zones in AoM. All of them drop cruxs, but at a every other raid. If you do a raid and you get a crux, then the next one you wont get one, then the next you will, and so on.

Second, Infliction either doesnt drop or is next level extremely rare. However, Tempest and Dread are very common so making Infliction is no big deal.

Third, there is a SLIGHT pattern of which end bosses drop what. I cant remember exactly who drops what entirely but Fulmination and Fulgimation seem to be the most common and can drop in any zone it seems. Dread only drops in F.S. Distillery. The others can drop between two or three zones. Im going to take a guess and say Infliction drops in Alter of Malice but its not necessary due to combining and impossible to solo anyways.

Forth, many say Fennin Ro cant be soloed. This MIGHT be true if your under powered and end up in some time of scripted battle idk, but I smacked him with my biggest gun straight out of the gate and one shotted him.

Fifth, they are Lore so dont think you can stock pile them.

Fulmination + Truth = Despair

Despair + Truth = Fulmination

Fulmination + Despair = Truth

Tempests + Infliction = Dread

Dread + Infliction = Tempests

Tempests + Dread = Infliction

Horror + Fulgimation = Justice

Justice + Fulgimation = Horror

Justice + Horror = Fulgimation

So now that you know the cruxes required for the Avatars, let's start on what to do while on the first Isle. Dread Armoloch of Blight and Dread Armoloch of Corruption hold the several keys needed to enter some of the isles. is a x2 mob. Respawn time is estimated to be 30 mins- 1 hr. This name drops keys needed to get to the isle where you can spawn the Avatars. Click on the Alters surrounding the spawn to get to the isle. Each isle has an alter in the middle. Insert the cruxes into the alter to spawn the Avatar. Brell Serilis is already spawned in when you arrive. Have fun with your raid party/group!

Edit: 11/12/2020 the key mob has taken up to 2hrs for me at times to respawn so be prepared for some wait times. If you spend a day just farming the mob, you will end up with all the keys. Theyre UNLIMITED use keys or so I think, if not then I have a wicked amount of the same ones and just never realized it but I doubt thats the case. Bronze and Silver keys drop, I have yet to figure out the difference between them, sofar i have noticed no difference. The keys also dont show up anywhere in your inventory or anywheres else at that, youll see a notification in chat that says you have them but thats all.

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