There is also an NPC named "Power". For more information, see Power (NPC)

Power is the character attribute used to cast spells and perform combat arts. The Power pool is similar to the Mana pool in EQ1, except that now every character has a Power pool, not just spellcasters. The Power pool is represented by a blue bar below the name of your character in the default user interface.

Each spell or combat art costs Power to use. A spell that costs 23 points to use will deduct 23 Power points from your total Power pool. If a spell or combat art requires more Power points than are currently available in the Power pool, the spell cannot be cast and the combat art cannot be executed. Obviously, an empty Power pool is to be avoided, as no spells can be cast and no combat arts can be executed.

Power is regained over time. Beverages increase the regeneration rate of the Power pool, but only out of combat. Various items, spells and Troubador songs can also increase the regeneration rate, even within combat.

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