See Collection Quests Timeline for a generalized list of all collections found in EQ2.


This timeline gives details about the collection quests introduced as part of the Planes of Prophecy expansion.

To make tracking your progress on these easier, they have been split into sections below.

  • Some quests of the Planes of Prophecy Timeline reward with a collection item that is then added to an expert collection of the meta collection.

Planes of Prophecy Collections

The following collections are associated with the general, public Plane of Magic overland zone:

  1. Abjuration Flask - Rewards with Abjuration Flask
  2. Alchemist's Eyepiece - Rewards with Alchemist's Eyepiece
  3. Augur's Scroll Case - Rewards with Augur's Scroll Case
  4. Ayonae's Harmonic Tuner - Rewards with Ayonae's Harmonic Tuner
  5. Catalyzer Flask - Rewards with Catalyzer Flask
  6. Chronomancer's Timepiece - Rewards with Chronomancer's Timepiece
  7. Enchanted Music Box - Rewards with Enchanted Music Box
  8. Invisible Buckle Frame - Rewards with Invisible Buckle Frame
  9. Mnemonic Fidget - Rewards with Mnemonic Fidget
  10. Runic Ledger - Rewards with Runic Ledger
  11. Sacramental Coffer - Rewards with Sacramental Coffer
  12. Sketchbook of Dread - Rewards with Sketchbook of Dread
  13. Stoneripper Totem
  14. Summoner's Mote Pouch - Rewards with Summoner's Mote Pouch
  15. The Book of Signs - Rewards with The Book of Signs
  16. The Melodious Concerto - Rewards with The Melodious Concerto
  17. Unflagging Emblem - Rewards with Unflagging Emblem
  18. Universal Essence - Rewards with Universal Essence
  19. Unpredictable Seedling - Rewards with Unpredictable Seedling
  20. Vanishing Geode - Rewards with Vanishing Geode
Expert collection:

Plane of Magic Expert Collection rares from Plane of Magic Overland zone

Planes of Prophecy Solo Dungeon Collections

The following appear only in solo dungeons:

  1. Bertoxxulous
  2. Cacophony Drum - Rewards with Cacophony Drum for Planar Storm Flux collection
  3. Circlet of Mystery - Rewards with Circlet of Mystery for Planar Astrlabe collection
  4. Cloudburst Hailstone - Rewards with Cloudburst Hailstone for Planar Storm Flux collection
  5. Cumulonimbus Rune
  6. Essence of Malaise - Rewards with Essence of Malaise for Planar Disease Ward collection
  7. Karana's Primal seal
  8. Madman's Mantle - Rewards with Madman's Mantle for Planar Disease Ward collection
  9. Magnified Vial - Rewards with Magnified Vial for Planar Disease Ward collection
  10. Master Control Device - Rewards with Master Control Device for Planar Astrlabe collection
  11. Metallic Clockwork Contraption - Rewards with Metallic Clockwork Contraption for Planar Astrlabe collection
  12. Molten Seal - Rewards with Molten Seal
  13. Necromancer's Scythe - Rewards with Necromancer's Scythe
  14. Skyward Pouch - Rewards with Skyward Pouch
  15. Small Tinkered Contraption - Rewards with Small Tinkered Contraption
  16. Solar Smudge Stick - Rewards with Solar Smudge Stick
  17. Summoned Blaze - Rewards with Summoned Blaze
  18. The Key Master Pendant
  19. Tin Star Earring - Rewards with Tin Star Earring
Expert collection:

Planes of Prophecy Expert Solo Dungeon Collection rares from Planes of Prophecy Solo Dungeons.

  • The blue shinies are rares rom the solo zones and are NO-TRADE.


A meta collection is a collection comprised of more collection items rewarded only by completing other associated collections.

  1. Elements of Augury
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