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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Mission
Journal Level 84 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Moors of Ykesha more
How to Start Talk to Ragheejb Yasir ( 1733, 452, 866 ) /waypoint 1733, 452, 866

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  1. Enter Ravenscale Repository in Loping Plains and obtain the object specific to your quest instructions
    • Different people in the group are asked to pick up different items. An item picked up by any group member will update all those group mates on the same quest updating item.
    • Once the objects are picked up no one can interact with them again. Make sure all group members are in the zone when picking up the items.
      • "The Ydal were known as the first race created by Innoruuk": the macabre effigy of a sacrified Ydalian is in the Reliquary of the Hunter ( -107, 15, -224 ) /waypoint -107, 15, -224
      • the globe of Norrath that updates the Mistmoore quest step is in the Reliquary of the Lifeguide ( -93, 17, -362 ) /waypoint -93, 17, -362
      • the sickly blood orb is in the Reliquary of the Sovereign ( 84, 17, -364 ) /waypoint 84, 17, -364
      • "Mayong Mistmoore is known to dabble in various schools of magic": the curious piece of magic is in the Reliquary of the Sovereign ( 93, 18, -395 ) /waypoint 93, 18, -395 beside the Ravenscale Protectorate
  2. Return to Ragheejb Yasir in Moors of Ykesha.


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