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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tradeskill
Journal Level 110 (Tier 12)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Shik'Nar Hive: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsproket more
How to Start Zone into Shik'Nar Hive: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsproket
part of: Blood of Luclin Crafting Timeline
Preceded by:
Piercing the Darkness: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket Part II
Followed by:
Piercing the Darkness: A Very Fortunate Turn of Events Part I

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Materials RequiredEdit


Portable Work Bench or summon crafting stations AA.


  • NOTE: Be sure to watch the timer on the Insectoid Communication Jammer and refresh as necessary to keep the insects non-hostile.
  1. Travel to 723.75, 34.12, 54.92 ( 724, 34, 55 ) /waypoint 723.75, 34.12, 54.92 and pick up recipe book Ironsprocket's M.A.G.I.C. creates a new recipe, Advanced Lightning Tracker: Mach I Note: The recipes auto-scribe.
  2. Craft 3 Advanced Lightning Trackers: Mach I on a Work Bench.
  3. Back in the cave, use the Advanced Lightning Tracker: Mach I. Each one will lead you to a piece of paper. The pages are just a waypoints, not harvestable.

(Note: The Insectoid Communication Jammer will make you non-agro to the mobs in zone.)

  1. Pick up Benosch's journal at ( 1094, 54, 326 ) /waypoint 1094, 54, 326.
  2. Exit the hive to The Blinding at ( 335, 48, 166 ) /waypoint 335, 48, 166 and speak to Nuniun Wolfbane at ( 634, 428, -650 ) /waypoint 634, 428, -650
    • Note: Currently you cannot evac to the front of the tradeskill instance, you have to hoof it. You can use fast-travel to port out
  3. Speak to Luminary Felferrin in the cave under the tower at ( 654, 305, -544 ) /waypoint 654, 305, -544.


  • At least 14p 21g 53s 73c 28596 status
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