Phara Dar

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Veeshan's Peak (Rise of Kunark)
Race Dragon
Level 87▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x4
Location 3rd Wing of VP ( -615, -559, 68 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI
Reported Drops
Related Quests
AA Exp Yes
Status Points 16,000

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

In the same group as Shade of Khalan Dar

There are two methods of pulling and killing Phara Dar. When you approach Phara Dar's room you will notice the Shade of Khalan Dar in the center and a ramp leading up the left side which takes you to Phara Dar. Upon pulling Phara Dar the Shade of Khalan Dar will immediately fly to wherever Phara Dar is located and assist in the battle. It is imperitive to have a balanced Main and Off Tank group for this fight as you will need to kill both of these named's at once.

The first method is to send two groups (Main and an assisting group) up the ramp to Phara Dar and fight the Shade of Khalan Dar at the very bottom of the ramp with their back to the wall. The drawback to this is that even with snaps and agro lock the Shade of Khalan Dar will still fly up to Phara Dar 2/3 of the time and have to be dragged back down the ramp to the Off Tank and their assisting group. This can result in a wipe of the MT group and a fight reset. Once the OT group has killed the Shade of Khalan Dar at the bottom of the ramp they should run up and assist in DPS on Phara Dar.

The second (easier method) is to pull Phara Dar and subsequently the Shade of Khalan Dar into the hallway that leads to the main room. If you attempt this method the MT group and their assisting party should be located closest to the room entrance, the OT group and their assisting party should be located approximately 40 metres up the stairs. Positioning Phara Dar on the bottom far right and the Shade of Khalan Dar on the upper far left corners of the staircase makes it easier for the OT and assisting group to switch over to Phara Dar once the shade is dead.

Please note: The Shade of Khalan Dar will heal itself to full once during the fight, this is not a bug.

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