Phaerdriira Z'Zea'Val

Phaerdriira Z'Zea'Val

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Neriak Contact
Race Arasai
Zone Darklight Wood (LU35)
Location By a tree north of T'Vatar Post, at ( -403, -50, -9 ) /waypoint -403, -50, -9

Related QuestsEdit

Part of the quest Welcome to Haven!.

Part of the Kelethin to Neriak, City of Hate Betrayal series:

  1. Neriak Bounty: House V'Kenate slave
  2. Neriak Bounty: House K'Frerahel slave
  3. Neriak Bounty: Antdrin R'Viniath
  4. Neriak Bounty: Phyriara N'Rhirae
  5. Neriak Bounty: Kazek
  6. Neriak Bounty: Denter Lepidus
  7. Neriak Bounty: Jabbuk T'Ziate
  8. Neriak Bounty: Faerz'un'arr N'Viurden

Once you raise your faction with Neriak, City of Hate to the point (10,000:Amiable), she will offer you Becoming a Citizen of Neriak

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