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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Deity
Journal Level 35 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Butcherblock Mountains more
How to Start Talk to Pacificator Merrek in Butcherblock Mountains ( 353, 190, 494 ) /waypoint 353, 190, 494
part of: Quellious Timeline
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At Peace With the Past
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Peace Through Games
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  1. Go to the Ancient Rings in Greater Faydark. This is not the druid ring near Kelethin, but a ring located at ( -295, 50, 29 ) /waypoint -295, 50, 29, reachable by a climbable tree at ( -340, 26, 5 ) /waypoint -340, 26, 5.
    • You must stay (meditate) within the ring for a while before quest updates.
  2. Seek out a small island in the bay of Butcherblock, from it you can hear the sirens sing. Head to Tidesylph Isle, ( 533, 43, -121 ) /waypoint 533, 43, -121 and meditate (wait) near the treestump until you you get the update. You may need to get off your mount and sit to get the update.
  3. Return to Pacificator Merrek
  4. Look for Sister Sam ( -688, 130, 940 ) /waypoint -688, 130, 940 in the Steamfont Mountains. She will attack you. After you defeat her, she will give you an activable sparring partner. Examine the clockwork and defeat it.
  5. Find some way to fix the broken clockwork sparring partner by finding Julius ( -611, 175, 993 ) /waypoint -611, 175, 993 in the Gnomeland Security Headquarters up the climbable wall near Sam. You will need 10g to pay him to fix the clockwork.
  6. Return the clockwork to Sam. After you return to her you must wait and meditate with her for update.
  7. Return to Pacificator Merrek. You must wait and meditate with him for the update.