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The Overseer Feature was introduced with the Blood of Luclin expansion to allow a player to "recruit and send agents to do your bidding and earn rewards!".

With Update:114 Overseer Seasons and Overseer Experience leveling has been introduced to the Overseer Feature.

The Overseer feature is only available to players with an All Access membership. Players who purchased the Blood of Luclin expansion will still be able to access Overseer if their membership lapses, however they will be limited to three quests per day.

Accessing the Overseer Feature[]

To access the Overseer Feature, click the EQ2 button, then select Overseer. You can drag the icon from the menu to a hotkey for quicker access.

Overseer Starter Packs[]

Depending on which version of the Blood of Luclin Expansion one purchases, different Overseer Starter Packs will be available via /claim. Claim the packs you have available, noting that some are "One Per Character" while others are single claim only. It's probably best to concentrate the single claim items on the toon you will be playing most often.

NOTE: "An Overseer's First Agents" can also be obtained from Maesy Colmiter in Sanctus Seru.

Blood of Luclin Standard Expansion

Blood of Luclin Collector's Expansion

Blood of Luclin Premium Expansion

Blood of Luclin Family & Friends Expansion

All Overseer Quests[]

A list of all Overseer Quests can be found at All Overseer Quests.

Getting Started[]

  1. Unpack Overseer Starter Pack
    • The Overseer quest Become an Overseer! will automatically be added to the Overseer window.
    • You will have to right-click on Sergeant Marcus Carpenter to add him to the Agents list in the Overseer window.
    • Click the quest name to see its details.
      Overseer Starter.png
  2. Set up your mission
    • Drag an agent from your Agent List on the left to the empty block under Form Your Party.
    • Later, there will be more considerations in selecting one or more agents for a mission and setting up bonuses and mishaps. For now, just drag Sergeant Marcus Carpenter into the empty block. (You can also double click the agent to save time)
  3. Click the Start Quest button.
    • This initial quest is very fast, it will complete in a few seconds.
  4. Click the Complete Quest button.
  5. Set up your new mission.
  6. Click the Start Quest button.
    • The second quest is also very fast, it will complete in a few seconds.
  7. Click the Complete Quest button.
  8. Unpack any other Overseer packs you have from /claim and add new agents to the Agents List.

Overseer Window[]

Overseer Window Details.png

As you progress to completing more Overseer Quests, you will gain more options to help you control how successful the quest may be.

Agent Traits[]

Treasured (from Live events), Legendary, Fabled, and Celestial Agents will have special Traits. These are displayed as icons beside each agent in the Agent List. You can hover over the icons to get a tooltip telling you what that Trait is.

In the Overseer Quest Details, under Agents Required there may be some Traits shown either with a green border or with a red border. Green-bordered Traits are those which are beneficial to this Quest, and which may increase your chance of a bonus reward. Red-bordered Traits are detrimental to this Quest and will increase your chance of having a Mishap.

To get the best results, you will want to select Agents that have beneficial Traits for this Quest (i.e., Traits that match the green-bordered Traits in the Quest window). If you do not have an Agent that has an appropriate Trait, you may select a different Agent, including agents that have no Traits. You will probably want to avoid using an Agent for this Quest that has one or more Traits that match the red-bordered Traits in the Quest window, as they will decrease your chance of success.

With Update:114 you may search for agents with the needed Trait by clicking on a Trait icon under Agents Required or write the Trait into the Search field.

Bonus Chance[]

At the bottom of the Quest window on the left is Bonus Chance. This is the chance the Quest may reward you with an Overseer Bonus Reward Crate in addition to the regular Overseer Reward Crate. Selecting Agents with beneficial Traits for the Quest can boost your Bonus Chance.

To further increase your Bonus Chance, click the small shield with the green cross. This will allow you to select a Mercenary from your collection. These must be Mercenaries for whom you have unlocked the Hire Anywhere ability.

Mishap Chance[]

At the bottom of the Quest window on the right is Mishap Chance. This is the chance the Quest may fail, meaning that you get no reward, and the Agent(s) that were assigned to this Quest will suffer a Mishap. Selecting Agents with detrimental Traits for the Quest can make a Mishap more likely.

To reduce your Mishap Chance, click the small shield with the green cross. This will allow you to select a [[::Category:Familiar (Item Type)|Familiar]] from your collection. Different Familiars will have more effect in lowering your Mishap Chance.

Depending on the quest duration the default percentage of the Bonus Chance and Mishap Chance are:

Duration Default Bonus Chance Default Mishap Chance Quest Cooldown Agent Cooldown
0:30 0% 5%
1:00 5% 5%
1:30 10% 5%
2:00 15% 10%
2:30 10% 5% 5:00
3:30 15% 10%
4:00 % %
5:00 20% 20% 8:00 10:00
6:00 % %
10:00 20% 30% 20:00 10:00
15:00 25% 30%

Overseer Agents[]

New agents drop as possible rewards in a number of loot chests from various activities, including Overseer Reward Crates and Empyral Mission Reward Crates.

Agents exist with different Categories: Treasured, Legendary, Fabled and Celestial. See the full list of Overseer Agents.

Overseer Quests[]

New Overseer Quests drop as possible rewards in a number of loot chests from various activities, including Overseer Reward Crates and Empyral Mission Reward Crates or are available for limited time only during Live Events. See a list of all possible Overseer Quests to check for details.

If you second-guess and decide to cancel a Quest so that you can assign different Agent(s), the canceled Quest still counts against your 10(or 3)-per-day total, and if you reassign Agent(s) and start that same Quest again, it counts as if it were a new Quest.

Mishap Quests occur when the RNG roll and your Mishap Chance collide. If a Mishap occurs, the server will assign a Mishap Quest to you. If you sort the Agent List by Mishap, Agents benched due to Mishaps will appear, and may be used as the rescuee in a Mishap Mission. Even though Mishap Quests have long timers, they don't offer rewards similar to regular long-timer Quests. However, you should get your captured agent back when the quest completes (unless there's another mishap).

Charged Quests[]

With Update:114 the Overseer system has been changed and appended with Overseer Experience and Overseer Seasons. As soon as you enter a new Season (currently Season 2 with Level 11), you may run older Overseer Quests of previous Seasons by charging them for free of Administrator Agent Stanley Parnem.

You may use a maximum of 10 Charged Overseer Quests at a time.

Overseer Experience[]

With Update:114 a new Overseer system has been introduced.

By completing an Overseer Quest you gain Overseer experience.

Overseer window with experience bar.png

From Overseer experience level 1- 10 you see all quests of Overseer Season 1 in your Overseer Window. By passing to level 11 you only see Season 2 Overseer Quests.
Season 1 Overseer Quests may be still purchased free of charge from Administrator Agent Stanley Parnem in Freeport or Qeynos. These charged versions of the Overseer Season 1 quests do not count against your daily Overseer limit.

The maximum level is currently set to 30.

Reaching Overseer Level 20 will unlock red adorn recipes on the resume vendor (jux,witness,glory,rage,etc.)

Overseer Level 10 Info.PNG

Season 3 ovseer boost.jpg

Season 3 overseer boost[]

If the player has finished the quest: Traveler's Holidays - More than Beer? , then the player can purchase a season 3 (level 21) overseer boost from the merchant, Pas Yu in the The Sundered Frontier.


See Quests Achievements for the quests achievement overview.
By leveling your Overseer experience you can gain different achievements. These achievements are account based, so if you gain an achievement on one character it is granted to all your other characters as soon as you logon to them.

  1. Welcome, Overseer
  2. Level 5 Overseer
  3. Level 10 Overseer
  4. Level 15 Overseer
  5. Level 20 Overseer
  6. Season 3 Overseer
  7. Level 25 Overseer
  8. Level 30 Overseer
  9. Season 4 Overseer (currently not able to be received as of 2/22/2022)

The achievements can be found in your achievements window under Quests -> Overseer Quests:

Overseer Quest Rewards[]

See All Overseer Quests for a quest overview.

Celestial Quest Rewards[]

Mythical Quest Rewards[]

'Quest filter options don't allow filtering for Mythical Quests, so this might not be correct anymore.'

Fabled Quest Rewards[]

Legendary Quest Rewards[]

Treasured Quest Rewards[]

Treasured Mishap Quest Rewards[]

Erollisi Day Rewards[]

During the annual Erollisi Day celebrations a special Overseer questline may be played. For the questline see All Overseer Quests.

Brew Day Rewards[]

During the annual Brew Day celebrations a special Overseer questline may be played. For the questline see All Overseer Quests.

For more information on overseers:[]

Hopefully this video will be useful: Everquest 2 Overseers Quest Guide[1]

Other Quests, Reward Undetermined[]


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