Outpost of the Overlord
Levels 1-6
Outpost of the Overlord
"Whether wrested from the weak, or obtained through great feats, it is here you will begin hoarding wealth and power, securing your legacy within the shadowy remnants of Norrath."
Introduced LU19
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to The City of Freeport
Instances The Circle of Elders

Tradeskiller's Workshop

Quest Lines none
Harvesting Tier 1
NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Starting with LU19, Isle of Refuge was split into Queen's Colony for characters of Good-alignment and Outpost of the Overlord for characters of Evil-alignment. Eventually, Timorous Deep and Darklight Wood became the starting zones for newly created Evil characters, and Isle of Refuge was deactivated. However, it was eventually brought back.

Outpost of the Overlord is accessed via any of the Globes of Swift Travel within The City of Freeport or The Commonlands.


As an aspiring citizen of The City of Freeport, Overlord Lucan D'Lere demands that you assist Tayil N'Velex and The Freeport Militia in taking full control of the island. This is no simple undertaking as there are many wild beasts wandering the area and the Qeynosian elves of The Tunarian Alliance have a major presence on the island. You must quickly learn Norrathian survival skills if you are to survive the challenges found here and become a citizen of Freeport.


The island is laid out rather like a clock, with Sandstalker Bay in the middle. You start in the south, at the actual outpost itself, and as you move clockwise the monsters gradually get stronger. The island is small enough that there is no fast travel or instant travel.


Map outpostoftheoverlord


Zone Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Zone Duration
The Circle of Elders 5-8 Solo Instance None

Revive LocationsEdit

Revive Location Description
( 7, -4, 152 ) /waypoint 6.63, -3.83, 151.59 A tent a bit northwest of Sythor's Spire


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Named MonstersEdit

The following named monsters are not associated with any quests:


Notable LootEdit

There is a set of Legendary items in the zone-wide loot table, obtained from random Ornate chests from ANY mob in the zone it's associated instance:


  • The zone spawns a new instance when over 50 players are present.

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