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timeline = Green Hoods|
timeline = Green Hoods|
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# Speak with a [[:Category:Green Hoods (Faction)|green hood]] {{NPC|trap master}}
# Speak with a [[:Category:Green Hoods (Faction)|green hood]] trap master.
#* You will find {{NPC|Digger}}, the trap master, behind the barn at {{Loc|210|-38|205}}.
#* You will find {{NPC|Digger}}, the trap master, behind the barn at {{Loc|210|-38|205}}.
# Obtain all parts of the orc foundry map by killing [[:Category:Orc|Orcs]].
# Obtain all parts of the orc foundry map by killing [[:Category:Orc|Orcs]].

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Hallmark
Journal Level 39 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Zek more
How to Start Speak to Shadow on the Warship Dock.
part of: Green Hoods Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
The Rescue of the Green Hoods
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What does this information mean?


  1. Speak with a green hood trap master.
    • You will find Digger, the trap master, behind the barn at ( 210, -38, 205 ) /waypoint 210, -38, 205.
  2. Obtain all parts of the orc foundry map by killing Orcs.
  3. Return to Shadow and inform him of the foundry map.
  4. Deliver the foundry map to the Glademaster at ( 316, -19, -444 ).
  5. Kill 6 Vallon grunts, 2 Vallon loaders, 4 Vallon builders, and Gurk Strongarm.
  6. Speak to the Glademaster.
  7. Complete quest Into the Vallon Foundry.
  8. Speak to the Glademaster.
  9. Speak to Tusk.
  10. Inspect the small chest at Deathfist Lookout on top of Titan's Tower at loc ( -24.22, 75.31, -366.25 ).
  11. Find the Deathfist Citadel sewer drains in the moat behind the Citadel.
    • The first is at ( 44, -43, -786 ).
    • The second is at ( 86, -44, -753 ).


Where the story goes from here

According to Allakhazam's, after you finish Operation Green Hood you have a choice of giving the key to the Glademaster or an Iksar by the name of Captain Vulis. It would seem that there must be different paths the story could take at this point.

If you give it to the Glademaster, go to Give the key to the Glademaster.

If you give it to Captain Vulis, go to [information needed].

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