Omarin T'Zaana

Omarin T'Zaana

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Merchant
Race Dark Elf
Zone Neriak, City of Hate (Shattered Lands)
Location Outside Library of K'Lorn ( -689, 17, 202 ) /waypoint -689, 17, 202 Eq2map


Primordial Malice BaublesArcane Umbra Gravel
Primordial Malice Bauble1
Primordial Malice Bauble x1010
Primordial Malice Bauble x2525

Merchant listEdit

Items for salePrice in
Primordial Malice Baubles
Damaged Turnarbos Replica25
a basket of Emerald stoneleer eggs2
a bread pan1
a gnawing devourer3
a long neck lab bottle1
a muffin pan1
a Qeynosian large ornate rug1
a small canopic jar1
a stack of three scoll rolls1
an Ironforge chandelier1
an ornate rug1
Blessed Sapling25
Blessed Shrubbery8
Cerodon Wall Trophy3
crossed oars1
Dark Arcanum Cloak5
Desiccated Ghoul Fist2
Dwarven Mine Lantern1
Female Topiaric Mannequin10
Female Ulteran Mannequin10
Fire of the Emerald1
Flame of Passion1
Gertrude's Ornamental Stein2
Glow of the Sea1
Gnobrin's Ornamental Weapon of Choice2
Golden Quellithulian Vase2
Heat of the Ruby1
Jewel of Growth3
Jewel of the Balance3
Magic Mouth10
Male Topiaric Mannequin10
Male Ulteran Mannequin10
Ornamental Blade of the Shadow Lurker2
Ornamental Bottle of Mulled Claret2
Ornamental Fist Cushion2
Ornamental Oversized Pin Cushion2
Ornamental Pike of Fate2
Ornamental Staff of Destiny4
Ornamental Storm-stained Kopesh2
Ornate Quellithulian Bookcase4
Ornate Quellithulian Vase2
Shadowed Tome1
Shadowed Volume1
Sigil of the Swarm25
Slate Magus Boots3
Slate Magus Cloak5
Slate Magus Collar3
Slate Magus Gloves2
Slate Magus Hat3
Slate Magus Hood3
Slate Magus Robes10
Slate Magus Wrap5
Small Quellithulian Decanter2
Smithy's Scalding Point2
Sullonite Sconce4
Tan Magus Boots3
Tan Magus Vloak5
Tan Magus Collar3
Tan Magus Gloves2
Tan Magus Hat3
Tan Magus Hood3
Tan Magus Robes10
Tan Magus Wrap5
Towering Papasan Chair3
Transcendent Combine Cloak5
Tyrannosaurus Wall Trophy3
Ulteran Vinegar Bottle2
Ulteran Vintage2
Wayfarer's Boots13
Zatozia's Ornamental Bullwhip2
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