Oceansfull Festival is the Live Event that begins in Early June. While in-game, click on the EQ2 radial button and choose the Calendar to check the exact dates. It was first introduced to EQ2 in 2018.


For generations, the othmir have been giving thanks to Prexus at during the early summer months each year for all he provides, above and beneath the waves. It is a celebration of all things Prexus, ocean, and sailing. Although this began as an othmir celebration, pirates, sailors, fishermen, and other ocean-folk have caught on quickly, joining in the reverie and praising the Ocean Lord. Now, they have decided to expand the festivities even further and have decided to open the celebration to all of Norrath and anyone who may want to join in on the festivities!

New This YearEdit

The event will officially run from 06/04/2020 at 12:01am PST through 06/18/2020 at 11:59pm PST

The event will take place on all regular servers.


This event does not have any merchants as of 2019.

Celebration LocationsEdit

Players can find and open clam shells at any of these locations. See the Collections section for details about "shinies" found in specific locations.


Clam Shell HuntEdit


The scale of the clamshells next to a large, female Ogre.

Find clam shells off shore in any of the areas where Oceansfull is being celebrated and open them up for rewards! You never know what you may find when you pry open a gift from Prexus.

  • To make seeing under water easier, the Woodworker crafted Totem of the Otter or the tinkerer crafted Tinkered Rebreather are recommended, though not required.
  • The Clam Shells have a slight timer on them, so you must wait to open the next one if you find several in one area--be mindful for your breath!

Shell RewardsEdit


Examples of Oceansfull items found in shells. Click to enlarge.

Players will randomly receive a variety of items when opening shells.

Rewards may include:
  • Decorative anchors & ship pieces
  • Oceanic decorations for your house
  • A variety of plushies
  • Othmir illusions


Opening 25 clam shells completes the Achievement Clam Shell Game "you never know what you my find when you pry open agift from Prexus!" and rewards you with prefix title Shell Raiser


The event collection, Sacraments of the Deep, is comprised of nine collectibles. The collection can only be completed by visiting at least three of the eleven event locations. In these locations, players can locate any of the three potential "shinies" found there.

Below, the collectibles are grouped by the event locations they can be found in.

Phantom Sea, The Commonlands, Great Divide, Moors of YkeshaEdit

Saltscale Cloak visible

The Saltscale Cloak when equipped

Antonica, Eastern Wastes, Kylong Plains, Tranquil SeaEdit

Greater Faydark, Timorous Deep, Obulus FrontierEdit



  • The first Oceansfull celebration was held from Thursday, June 8, 2018 at 12:01 AM until Monday, June 18, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

Retired QuestsEdit

At this time, this event has no retired quests, but should that change in the future, please move retired quests to this section.


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