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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Obulus Frontier
Journal Level 106 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Obulus Frontier more
How to Start Click on a wandering tome
part of: Kunark Ascending Timeline
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Steps[edit | edit source]

  • You have 12 minutes to catalogue the following:
  1. Catalogue a magmitre sludge in Wurmscale Barrens
  2. Catalogue a pyrocrux in Wurmscale Barrens
  3. Catalogue a magma elemental in Wurmscale Barrens
  4. Catalogue an ashblaze drake in Wurmscale Barrens
  5. Catalogue an Obulus sokokar hatchling between Wurmscale Barrens and Grunt's Pass
  6. Catalogue a toothed gnasher in Grunt's Pass
  7. Catalogue a deadly stoonleer in Giant's Walk
  8. Catalogue a deadthly spined succulent in Giant's Walk
  9. Catalogue a drake of the grove in Garden's of Nye'Caelona
  10. Catalogue a garden geode in Garden's of Nye'Caelona
  11. Catalogue an Obulus garden trap in Garden's of Nye'Caelona
  12. Catalogue a forest slug succulent in Warslik's Woods
  13. Catalogue an Obulus jibsnapper near the Ocean of Tears
  14. Catalogue an Obulus leatherback near the Ocean of Tears
  15. Catalogue a frontier riverfly near Warslik's River
  16. Catalogue a luclinite cluster near the Luclinite Chunk
  17. Catalogue an Obulus vapor entity at Frontier Falls
    • Note: You really want to end at the Frontier Falls because next you must kill 4 named mobs. They are non-agro mobs until they are catalogued. The area they spawn and move around in is in blue on your map.
  18. Catalogue and then kill Globulus at Frontier Falls
  19. Catalogue and then kill Chalpdog at Chalp
  20. Catalogue and then kill Stonemaw at Grunt's Pass
  21. Catalogue and then kill Goldwing at Giant's Walk had to fly way up to a ledge

Rewards[edit | edit source]

EQ2 WanderingTome.png

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