Oakmyst Forest
Levels 5-10
Peace is a constant companion here.
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to via Mariner's Bell:
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Harvesting Tier 1
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This [Oakmyst Forest] woodland preserve is shaded by emerald green broad-leaf trees such as oak and maple. Beneath the trees, the undergrowth is scattered with trillium, bleeding hearts and red-tipped paintbrushes.

Forming a larger forested area with the Eldarr Grove region of Qeynos, Oakmyst Forest is a canopied refuge for animals and wildlife. No undeath, arcane magic, demonry or other twisted powers on Norrath have found their way onto this serene landscape. However, of late there have been whispers among the elves of The Tunarian Alliance and the native dryads of an unknown force attempting to corrupt this sanctuary.


As of LU64, Oakmyst Forest can only be accessed from Qeynos Mariner's Bells.


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