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North Freeport

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*Mariner's Bell zones to
*Mariner's Bell zones to
**[[Sunken City|The Sunken City]], [[The Commonlands]] and [[The Ruins]]
**[[Sunken City|The Sunken City]], [[The Commonlands]] and [[Ruins|The Ruins]]
**[[Beggar's Court]], [[Big Bend]], [[East Freeport]], [[Longshadow Alley]], [[Scale Yard]], [[South Freeport]], [[Stonestair Byway]] and [[Temple Street]]
**[[Beggar's Court|Beggar's Court]], [[Big Bend|Big Bend]], [[East Freeport|East Freeport]], [[Longshadow Alley]], [[Scale Yard|Scale Yard]], [[South Freeport|South Freeport]], [[Stonestair Byway|Stonestair Byway]] and [[Temple Street|Temple Street]]
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